Safety Guide for Journalists Working in Conflict Zones

Lead Director of BBC’s Arabic service Edmond Sabella, upon Media.am’s request, provided a simple guide on how to stay safe for journalists working in conflict zones.

1. To avoid land mines, always walk on solid ground and look around you to see if there are any signs warning of land mines in the area.


2. Park your car in a way that you can leave quickly.


3. If you are in danger, do not hide in the car, do not hide behind the doors or either side of the car. Hide in the front, back, or near the engine of the car.


4. Don’t go deep into the conflict zone. You can always use the zoom-in function of your camera lens.


5. Wear a helmet and a bulletproof vest.


6. Take water and some chocolate or a banana.


7. Take your first aid kit.


8. If one of your colleagues is injured, make sure that it’s safe to go and help him. There might be a sniper hiding and waiting for you.


9. Don’t take a lot of stuff with you. A camera, microphone, and batteries are enough.


10. Wear warm clothes and waterproof shoes or hiking shoes.


11. Don’t go alone.


12. Speak with the army and always ask permission.


13. Speak with the locals or officials before you go to make sure if it’s safe. 

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