Hear Me Now platform for Armenian podcasts

Welcome to Hear Me Now platform for Armenian podcasts. The sound is the language of communication and the passion of this community. Diving in this directory you can explore kinds of audio-stories and in-depth conversations that are built in the classical Radio tradition and are woven with the most innovative forms of audio storytelling.

The podcasts genres vary; documentaries, features, narrative and music shows, collages of field recordings, monologues and fiction.

Imagine by listening, empathize with the compelling characters of the stories. Become the ear-witness without seeing images, participate in the story-making.

Themes vary, too: inspiring people and undiscovered communities, rethinking of histogrophy, education and research methods, literature readings and discussions, the city and its dwellers, the national and regional politics ․

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Fact-checkers Arshaluys Barseghyan and Karine Ghazaryan, contributors to Media Initiatives Center’s Media.am website are hosting this show. They discuss topics that impact us all.

CivilNet’s audio platform brings you news, discussions and feature stories from Armenia and Artsakh. The content is available in Armenian, English and Russian.

EduTalks is a podcast show for students who have an appetite for education and research, students who are bored with their learning, students who want that ‘aha’ moment that will change their lives.

A podcast about cinema and everything connected to it.

Media Initiatives Center’s Encyclomedia podcast is made to be your first guide of Media Literacy. We will discuss how to help children to use online games, social media, beware of manipulations in youtube videos, identify reliable and fake news, follow facked-checked sources.

Socpod is a platform about the “voice” of the socium.

Technoworld podcast is here to bring you the latest news and solutions in the IT world, technology and science.

A podcast about the experiences of people questioning their gender.

PostRabiz is a podcast about rabiz-after-rabiz.

Yerevan podcast is a collection of talks about Yerevan, with Yerevantsis.

Guests of the show come from different eras and realities and they discuss current news and happenings.

Audio stories about every type of happening and people.

Hetq podcast presents behind-the-scenes of our investigative stories.

VerKac is a podcast about inspiring people and success stories, curious events and challenging situations.

A podcast about everything that has to do with hearing problems, with people living with this disability and their friends and relatives.

Ushi ushov is an opportunity to hear your favorite literary text, narrated to you.

Groghutsav is a podcast about Literature, the Arts and politics.

Caucasus All Frequency Podcast presents a holistic look at musical culture in the Caucasus region.

Dirty Tube is a podcast about the Armenian alternative music scene and its dwellers.

Discussions on Feminism and related issues such as women’s objectification, beauty standards, division of labor in households, gender roles, reproductive rights and health, sexual harassment and domestic violence.

“Hear Me Now: Developing Podcasting Culture in Armenia” project is implemented by Media Initiatives Center with the support of the US Embassy in Armenia.