The Gas Receipt Is Presented As Proof Of The Transfer Of Aliyev’s Property To Anna Hakobyan

Karine Ghazaryan

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Mediaport Telegram channel spread information that “Anna Hakobyan was given the real estate ownership package belonging to the Aliyevs in Dubai.” This information was not proven, but it was widely spread in the press and social networks.

The “proof” of the allegations was an ordinary gas receipt

The Mediaport channel presented a document as proof of the allegations, from which it is alleged that “it seems that Anna Hakobyan was given a […] real estate package belonging to the Aliyev family.”

The submitted document was a gas receipt submitted by the large Arab company Lootah Gas. Lootah Gas is a gas supplier in Dubai, the receipt of which does not prove the transfer of any property.

This fact did not prevent politik.am, lurer.com, yerkirmedia.am and other news outlets from reprinting the information. “Sensational document,” Hayeli.am wrote about the gas payment slip.

The news was also actively spread by mushroom websites and some people, for example, the founder of the Russian site Life.ru, Aram Gabrielyanov. To the comment of one of the users that there is an ordinary gas receipt in the picture, Gabrielyanov left three question responses and observations at once, “That’s the thing, does the house belong to Aliyeva?” “Where did this document come from for the special services?” “Any ideas?”

What is written on the gas receipt?

The gas receipt refers to a private house located on the artificial island of Dubai, Palm Jumeirah. The address of the private house is partially covered, but some information is still available.

Only yesterday, a user named L3v0n studied this data on Twitter. Media.am also studied the data and came to the same conclusions.

The island of Jumeirah in Palmyra is divided into branches. Each branch has its next letter: Frond A, Frond B, Frond C etc.

Photo source: bayut website

On the receipt, only the letters “d K” appear in the covered part. Most likely, the text mentioned that the mansion was located on the Frond K branch.

The receipt is also available at [email protected] email address. Gulfsothbeysreality.com no longer exists: This company merged with another company, Luxhabitat. Luxhabitat website really sells private houses on the Frond K branch of the island.

The receipt mentions the name of Lootah Gas P J company: This is the branch of Lootah Gas, to which the residents of Jumeirah Island in the Palm transfer the payments.

These data show that the gas receipt is real. Nevertheless, the presence of Leyla Aliyeva on the document is strange․ Utility payments to Lootah Gas are based on the customer’s number, not the name. One possible option is that Leyla Aliyeva’s name was added to the original receipt.

Leyla Aliyeva, as well as her sister and brother really own real estate in Dubai. According to the OCCRP investigative newsletter’s data, Aliyev’s children own more than $100 million in real estate on the island of Jumeirah in the Palm.

By the way, “Hetq” found out that Armenian officials also have luxurious houses in Dubai.

Karine Ghazaryan

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