On The Scene: Lusine Voskanyan

Christian Ginosyan

Multimedia journalist

Fact checker Lusine Voskanyan is an office journalist, she does almost no field work. She does not rush from the scene of one incident to another to collect material. She has been working on the Fact Check platform for three years and carefully follows the news, removes suspicious information, and finds out whether it is true or false. 

According to our interlocutor, the first positive aspect of desk-based journalism is being in constant contact and discussions with colleagues. “In fact-checking, it is important to discuss the material with people with different political views and journalistic experience who are currently working at Fip.am.” 

Lusine considers fact-checking to be another level of journalism, which has great influence and important results, although she believes that no matter how quickly she can deny any information, the fake news will spread more. 

Lusine Voskanyan in the Fip.am building

“Perhaps people will read and disagree with me, but I will sleep peacefully at night because I have given a large group of people the opportunity to choose between truth and falsehood,” Lusine says about the characteristics of her work. 

When engaged in checking facts, journalists often focus on a certain field and want to specialize in it, but according to Lusine Voskanyan, in this way, they insult the title of a journalist. And the latter is an extremely important and responsible job. 

Photos by Hakob Hovhannisyan
Christian Ginosyan 

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