Campaign To Support The Ukrainian Media

Nune Hakhverdyan

Art critic, journalist

The Russian-Ukrainian war is a primary topic in the international media. A huge amount of propaganda materials and simply unverified, false, or out-of-context news reaches a huge amount in various media streams.

And it is important for the Ukrainian media not only to make their own voice heard in the world but also not to disintegrate and try to make the work of the editorial offices as safe as possible.

It is especially difficult to organize reports from the scene of the Ukrainian settlements under bombardment. Extreme means of communication are needed: satellites, radios, ballistic goggles, bulletproof vests, helmets, medicine kits with first aid kits. The medical insurance of journalists is also an important issue.

The financial director of Kyiv Independent Jakub Parusinski is very concerned about these issues, on whose initiative a GoFundMe fundraising page was opened. More than £255,000 has already been raised to support national and regional media.

Jakub Parusinski is convinced that although Ukrainian journalists show courage in this large-scale war, the normal work of the media cannot continue from Ukraine alone. It is necessary to help the media to move their editorial offices to safer places, in many cases to neighboring countries – Poland, Romania, Lithuania, etc.

“What we really need right now is for the world to have trusted, verified information from across the country so that people in Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus know exactly what is going on,” said Parusinski. “However important foreign correspondents from overseas news organizations are, you need local media to tell the local story,” said Parusinski.

According to him, the Ukrainian editorial offices will be moved to safer places to be able to provide uninterrupted content to the websites, while small groups of journalists will remain in Ukraine, who will receive security supplies and will actually work as military correspondents.

Jakub Parusinski considers this the most logical model, and the money raised will be used to purchase and deliver security equipment for journalists, as well as to relocate offices. Given that entry and exit to Ukraine is difficult and supply is disrupted, this is not easy to do.

In some cases, it will be necessary to set up mobile centers.

There are 12 media outlets receiving assistance, and that list is expanding. The list includes “Ukrainian Pravda” (pravda.com.ua), “Zaborona” (zaborona.com), “Detector Media” (detector.media) and others. Money can also be transferred to a specific media outlet according to the donor’s preferences.

In addition to money, the campaign initiators attach importance to the creation of a support network. For example, it would be helpful if a country or organization tried to become a special “roof” by providing temporary space and employment opportunities to the media of a war-torn country.

Nune Hakhverdyan

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