“Region 5+”: A Unified Platform Of Regional Media

Gayane Asryan


5 media platforms from 5 regions of Armenia will work in the “Region 5+” format. The partners of “Region 5 +” are A1+ from Yerevan, MIG from the Lori region, ALT from the Armavir region, GALA TV from the Shirak region and Goris Press Club from the Syunik region.

The media presented on the platform insist that the voice of the regions should not be restricted and distorted and that reliable, objective information should not give way to information manipulations․ “From different points of Armenia, from north to south, today the citizen needs to receive verified and reliable information on various topics.”

A weekly issue will be prepared in this format, where they will present the important events taking place in their region – internal political, socio-economic, security, and other important issues. The new platform aims to present unique videos with informative, analytical materials, new discoveries, and human stories.

The first issue, aired on January 29, was dedicated to the experience of the media cooperating on the platform, the difficult path, and the problems of deprivation of airtime, etc.

Karine Harutyunyan, executive director of GALA TV and regional director of the Region 5+ program, said the idea of having a joint regional media platform originated about three years ago. The need for this format is due to several factors.

“The purpose of creating a joint media platform was, first of all, to provide alternative media. Today, the media needs a unified information platform that will represent the regions of Armenia without distortion, without serving the political interests of this or that wing,” said Harutyunyan.

She notes that information is used for various purposes, distorted according to expediency, and it has become extremely difficult for a citizen to understand what is accurate and objective․ “The media field in the regions is paralyzed, it is not easy to find impartial information.”

Today, although the republican broadcasters in the capital have regional correspondents, she believes that they mainly serve the political interests of the media.

“We hope that the idea of GALA working together will strengthen our regional partners individually, and thus benefit the common cause. In addition, financial independence is a sensitive issue, especially for regional media. It is very important to provide independent and objective information.”

Karine Harutyunyan is convinced that this platform will make the ordinary citizen living in the regions and their problems heard, which will hardly remain unanswered and ignored.

The “Region 5+” media platform has united media outlets that do not have digital terrestrial broadcasting. There is now an opportunity to unite around the idea of providing more comprehensive and quality information.

Before the launch of the project, a working team was trained, and with the help of experts from the Northern Center for Danish Journalism, they were introduced to new skills and international experience.

This regional media platform is open for cooperation with other regional media. The content created so far is spread on the Facebook page of “Region 5+,” as well as on social networks and websites of cooperating media.

So far only two issues have aired and depending on the reaction of the residents, it will be clear whether it is worth having their own website or not. Although they now work with grant money, they are thinking of becoming financially self-sufficient in the future.

Gayane Asryan

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