Let’s Recognize, Avoid And Prevent Sexism: Test

Gayane Asryan


In Armenia, the law prohibits making an insulting and humiliating public statement about a person based on gender, including in the media.

Today, however, sexist expressions continue to spread in public discourse, in everyday life, on social networks, on news sites, in movies, and on other platforms.

One reason is that in many cases people do not recognize sexism, so they can not prevent its spread. It is often perceived as a norm and is covered up.

Within the framework of the Women in Politics program, the Oxygen Foundation has prepared a handbook guide, which helps to recognize the manifestations of sexism and suggests ways and means of combating it.

The guide was designed to support journalists, media executives, public and political figures, parliamentarians and government officials, bloggers, and social media users to distinguish and disseminate sexually explicit language in all areas of public life, the media, and the Internet.

We suggest you take the “Check how free your mind is from sexism” test, which was compiled with the help of the materials of the “Manifestations of Sexism in Public Sphere and Speech” handbook.

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The Women in Politics program is implemented by the United Nations Development Program in cooperation with the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure of the Republic of Armenia and the Oxygen Foundation, with the support of the UK Good Governance Foundation.

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