Journalists working in the Days of Coronavirus: Photo Stories, Part 3

Gayane Asryan


The state of emergency was extended, and the no-communication mode became a real pain for reporters. Some reporters have already moved to the regions in order to overcome the #stayhome restriction. The others have designed special schedules for balancing housework chores and work.

Most newsroom employees work remotely. Strict preventive measures are being conducted in functioning newsrooms.

Stay-at-home employees miss the newsrooms and their colleagues, and, especially, the on-location mode of event coverage. These days, they have started appreciating face-to-face talks, the process of addressing the problems on the spot and the detailed discussion of the topics with the editor and colleagues.

Reporters are also glad that, unlike other specialists, they have not lost their work rhythm, their story ideas and their contacts.

Media.am has asked reporters to provide photos showing their new working conditions.

You can also be a part of our next series if you send a photo to [email protected].

Hasmik Dilanyan, reporter, Public Radio

Hasmik’s nieces are on their way to becoming reporters.

Narine Ghalechyan, reporter, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Narine says, “You don’t know what exactly to disinfect – your chair, your earphones, or your mouse. You go to the studio, and then you come back home, and the same process starts again. Also, it is hard to work in a mask and without studio guests.”

Aghunik Hovhannisyan, reporter, Haykakan Zhamanak

Gevorg Ghazaryan, sportscaster, Public TV

Gevorg gets his temperature checked every day and he does not seem to be unhappy about it.

Nelli Lazaryan, reporter, FIP fact-checking platform

Hasmik Babayan, reporter, Mediamax Sport

Working and enjoying the wonderful spring in Lori.

Ashot Safaryan, reporter, Sputnik Armenia

Lilit Shaboyan, reporter, Factor.TV

Narek Sargsyan, broadcast producer, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

                                                                                                                          Gayane Asryan

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