Series, Comedies, News: What Do You Watch On Air The Most?

Gayane Asryan


The Committee on Television and Radio has summarized the best television programs for January-March this year. According to the results of Atmosphere Armenia’s monitoring, Shant’s Horizon, Armenia’s Time, News, First Channel news, H1’s News Channel and AR’s Alert have the highest ratings.

Talk shows and political programs have the highest ratings with Public Broadcast’s “Public Discussion” and A-TV’s “Half Opened Windows.” Interestingly, the highest-rated shows and political programs are broadcast on the First Channel (“Wait for me in Armenia,” “Rules of the Game,” “Let’s Understand,” “If All,” “Announcement”).

The other two programs included in this list, but with fewer views, are aired on Channel 5 (“Haylur Interview,” “Face to Face”).

Shant TV is notable for its official news coverage, broadcasting NA and Government sessions, Nikol Pashinyan’s message.

Public Television of Armenia also gets ratings for the coverage of the work of the NA (NA statements, NA questions and answers).

The leader in documentary films is Channel One. The eight most-watched films in the past three months have been screened on Public TV (“The Lost Spring of Armenia,” “The Hero of Our Times,” “March 1, 11 Years Later,” “Dreams” etc.), two on Armenia (“The Armenian,” “Hrant Vardanyan, The Hero of Our Time”).

The UEFA Euro-2020 Games with Armenia TV and Primer League Second Armenian TV have the highest sports rating.

The most viewed locally produced feature films are watched via Armenia (“Super Mama,” “Love Ratio,” “Millionaire Needed” etc.).

TV soap operas are highly watched. Shant (with “Rejected”) and Armenia (with “Pomegranate Seed”) compete with each other in soap operas. These two TV companies also compete with entertaining, comedic programs, though Armenia produces the most.

Armenia is also a leader in music programs, with Shant and Public TV competing with it to some extent.

Cooking shows and programs are also well watched, with Shant, Public TV and Armenia competing with “Mama’s Cooked Another,” “Let’s Make Something Together”, “The Power of Taste.” The cooking shows of H2, MoTV, Armnews, 5th Channel and Mir are also watched.

Children’s content is dominated by Channel One. The problem is that TV companies offer mostly local and Armenian cartoons, often untranslated, but there is a need for interactive and fresh programming.

Media monitoring for the first quarter of 2019 shows that there is a multiplicity of programs on the air, which is not always high quality and satisfying to the viewer.

Gayane Asryan 

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