Nighttime Programming: See If You Can Spot 10 Differences

In a recent bout of insomnia, I turned on the TV (I don’t remember what channel it was) and was amazed to see a frozen image from a film on the screen — for about 15 consecutive minutes. I had the impression that either the person responsible for nighttime programming was asleep or what was happening on the screening didn’t really interest him that much. 

I decided to monitor the nighttime programming of local TV stations broadcasting in Yerevan. This is what I saw after midnight on Oct. 19:

00:45 Armenia TV: a program dedicated to satirist Vardan Petrosyan 

00:55 Yerevan TV: feature film

01:00 Shoghakat: Yekeghetsakan Kyanq (“Life in the Church”) program 

01:15 Dar 21: music videos

01:20 Shant TV: Astghik (“Little Star”) children’s song contest 

01:25 AR TV: a program about a race of off-road vehicles

01:30 ArmNews: a repeat of the program Banadzev (“Resolution”) with singer Artavazd Tunjboyajyan

01:35 H1 (Armenia’s Public Broadcaster): repeat of the program Azat Goti (“Free Zone”)

01:35 ATV: feature film

02:00 Yerkir Media: Mamuli Akumb (“Press Club”) broadcast

02:05 Kentron TV: a repeat of Epikentron (“Epicenter”) news program’s evening broadcast

02:15 Armenia TV: The soap opera Dzhvar Aprust (“A Hard Life”)

02:00 Lime TV: Hot Lime

02:30 Yerkir Media: a repeat of the Uerkirn Aysor (“The Country Today”) news program’s evening broadcast

02:35 հ2 (Armenia’s Public Broadcaster’s second channel): a repeat of the Lraber (“The Messenger”) news program’s evening broadcast

02:40 Yerevan: a repeat of the program Kartsiqneri Khachmeruk (“Intersection of Opinions”)

02:50 Yerkir Media: a repeat of the program Araratyan Khohanots (“Ararat Cuisine”)

02:55 Shant TV: a repeat of the program Kankhik Humur (“Net Humor”)

Especially incomprehensible to me in nighttime programming was Shant TV broadcasting a children’s song contest in the middle of the night.

During the two hours I observed the nighttime airwaves, I saw, according to genre:

Quantity Genre TV Company
5 interview, debate Armenia TV, ArmNews, H1, Yerkir Media, Yerevan TV
3 music program Dar 21, Shant TV, Lime TV
3 news program Kentron TV, Yerkir Media, h2
2 feature film Yerevan TV, ATV
1 sports program AR TV
1 entertainment program Shant TV
1 study program Yerkir Media

On Yerkir Media, Vardan Onanyan’s historical TV program was on, while Kentron TV again ran the evening broadcast of its Epikentron news program. After 4 am, h2, Yerevan TV, and Shoghakat completed the broadcast of their programs. The nighttime programming was nearly the same on Oct. 20. 

For example, at 4:10 am, Armenia TV was broadcasting VIA Gra’s concert, there was a soap opera on Shant TV, a program about actor Boris Pepanyan on AR TV, a foreign film on ATV, an Armenian feature film with actor Mikael Poghosyan on H1, Sting’s concert on Lime TV, and a documentary film about the “7 signs signalling the end of the world” on ArmNews. 

I arrived at a few conclusions based on my nighttime research:

  • Nighttime programming almost doesn’t differ from daytime programming
  • There are no special programs designed for nighttime hours.
  • Furthermore, there are no nighttime TV hosts.

And also there’s a lack of a new format. Nighttime TV viewers are more demanding: the constant repetition of daytime programs cannot satisfy TV viewers who stay up at night.

Tigran Hovhannisyan

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