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Some Tips For Influencers On How To Use Their Platforms

Hello blogger, vlogger, status writer, influencer, or just an active user of the Internet.

Now is the time to use your audience properly. And it does not matter what that audience came to you for – beauty tips, gaming videos, or recipes. Here are some important things I am doing myself and you can do too in order to tell our audience and the world about our situation.

Be aware of it yourself and remind your audience often about “do’s and don’ts” in such situations.

The panic and the videos posted on the Internet during the work of the air defense systems showed that no matter how much we talk only about using official sources, we still have a lot to learn about the rules of using the Internet in emergency situations.

Of course, it is important to spread official information, but sometimes military terms and professional words complicate things.

You know the language of your audience best, therefore many people who follow your stories on your Insta can know the who’s, what’s, when’s, where’s and why’s so that they don’t have to go to the Ministry of Defense.

By the way, about official sources: You are a source for your audience, and of course, you cannot spread misinformation, so first of all, make sure that your sources are completely reliable, remember that during this time even some experienced media outlets have managed to “make a mistake,” so give yourself a little more time and check the information you are going to spread on several websites or pages.

TikTok has been blocked in our country, but before that many people managed to bring information to the international platform. TikToker Lilit Broyan’s video, for example, not only spread on different platforms but even reached Kim Kardashian, and the latter spread it on all of her social network pages.

We bloggers are very excited about this fact and try to share all the good videos in the same way.

So try to make short videos yourself in English, Russian and other languages. If the video is not your online language, or you just can’t record it, try sharing other people’s videos and mentioning in the comments famous and active people who you think are interested in the situation or should know about it.

When shooting a video, keep in mind that adding too much unnecessary information is no less dangerous than not having enough information.

And if you are not sure about some points in the text you are writing, and are trying to figure out whether it is worth talking about or not, then ask someone who knows the topic better to help.

In general, be sure to separate the content intended for foreign countries, if you have at least two foreigners in your audience, do everything to make sure they know what is happening in our country.

Get active even on platforms that you do not like or have not been registered on before.

I myself have never been active in Twitter, to be honest, I even find it a little difficult to use, but I, like everyone, have been constantly retweeting important information for the last few days, so be active on all platforms, tell the world what is happening and do not forget to remind everyone that #WeWillWin.

Vega Andriasyan

Journalist, video blogger

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