CoronaMyths: June 26 – July 3

Arshaluys Barseghyan


Media.am presents the misinformation and conspiracy theories spread about the contagion last week.

During this time, anti-mask propaganda continued to be active. The call of the Ministry of Justice Arsen Torosyan for a conscious lockdown and the announcement of the purchase of vaccines became a subject of speculation, accusations and anti-propaganda. Doctors continued to be active in this case.

The visit of the police to Channel 5 and ArmNews TV stations, where masks are not worn, was described as pressure on the media. ArmNews, in addition to not wearing a mask, as reflected in this summary, provides a platform for misleading content about COVID-19.

Kentron TV company is in the coronawar

Kentron TV took the developments surrounding its founder, Gagik Tsarukyan, to the news field of the Corona War, where their weapon is conspiracy theories and misinformation.

Last week, Marina Khachatryan, a devotee of conspiracy theories, was hosted on TV in the format of an interview.

The program, which has more than 3,800 views, was titled “‘I urge everyone to take out the coffins and check if their relatives are really inside,’ M. Khachatryan.” This call followed the story of a family getting the wrong corpse of a relative who had died of coronavirus.

In this episode, Khachatryan managed to suspect the authorities of the smuggling of human organs, following the example of the accusations made by Mikayel Minasyan about cigarettes and weapons (in the video from 18:42).

Marina Khachatryan, who herself boycotted and called for a boycott against wearing masks, attributed the same masks with almost supernatural abilities during the program.

“Masks are contraindicated for drivers who may have attention deficit disorder and increase the number of accidents/crashes,” she said. Naturally, in order to prove what she said, she brought the example of the collision made by Arsen Torosyan, connecting it with the mask.

Khachatryan also claimed that the numbers of coronavirus carriers have been drawn and the state of emergency is being extended by a reduced political order from abroad, the purpose of which is the vaccine.

The director of the hospital is circulating myths denied by the WHO

The director of “Izmirlian” MC Armen Charchyan offered several options as a means of fighting against COVID-19 at the pavilion of ArmNews’ “Orakhndir” program. The World Health Organization has classified it as a myth.

❌ “Today, we bring the virus into our apartments/houses through our shoes,” said Armen Charchyan. He explained that the virus is serious, it stays on the sidewalks, in the elevators and in the alleys. The WHO reports that the spread of the virus through shoes is unlikely.

❌ Charchyan suggested drinking a cup of hot water once every half hour as a preventive measure. “In all cases, it can be said that it is disinfectant,” he explained. Then, in response to the journalist’s question, he said ․ “Homemade vodka is also very beneficial.”

Contrary to these claims, the WHO says that drinking water is important for health, but it does not prevent infection with the coronavirus, just as alcohol does not prevent it, moreover, it can be dangerous for the body.

The masks are for closing mouths

Dr. Nune Nersisyan stated during a press conference held at the “Mirror” Press Club, “This is a white massacre, a white genocide. The man (meaning Arsen Torosyan) organized a massacre on the head of our nation.” In response to the minister’s call for a conscious lockdown, Nersisyan called for living a normal life.

A few days later, on July 2, she was hosted by the pavilion of ArmNews TV’s “In front of a mirror” program. Here, Nersisyan insisted that the masks served the purpose of shutting people’s mouths, and the authorities used this process “to pass whatever laws they wanted.”

Both the interviewer Angela Tovmasyan and Nune Nersisyan spread false news that a case had been filed against the latter for her statements against the masks.

In fact, the case initiated by the Ministry of Justice Arsen Torosyan refers to Nersisyan’s April 25 post. In it, the latter insisted that relatives were offered money in the morgues to register the cause of death as coronavirus and that Arsen Torosyan deceived the nation and earned money.

The case initiated due to the circulation of content based on thin air did not prevent Nersisyan from using the news program to once again spread statements based on thin air. She insisted that patients with coronavirus were hospitalized in Torosyan’s close relatives’ hospitals, spent less money on the patient, and then registered a state order of about 700,000 AMD, “I don’t know where that money was going.”

New world order map

In his July 3 post, Dr. Hayk Manasyan said that he had “tossed some thoughts around in his head” and understood that “the map of the new world order is being drawn right now,” where Armenia and Turkey will be in the same camp. Negotiations are currently underway, which could be hampered by various internal insurgents.

“In order to control the situation absolutely, we need an emergency regime, a ban on rallies, etc. And for that, we need exaggerated epidemic data, which will provide a basis for prolonging the state of emergency for several more months,” he wrote.

Manasyan also claimed that “the unfounded regulations for wearing masks on the street were organized in order to be convincing, and the topic of the non-existent vaccine was introduced to distract from the truth.” However, Manasyan did not explain what the new world order is, what camp and for what purpose it is.

The vaccine: for what purpose, from whom and for whom?

Last week, the announcement of the Ministry of Justice Arsen Torosyan about the negotiations on the purchase of a vaccine against COVID-19 caused a stir. As a result, the anti-vaccine campaign intensified and Nubar Afeyan’s company, “Moderna,” was targeted.

? Marina Khachatryan, who considers the vaccines of the “Moderna” company to be deadly, initiated an online collection of signatures against compulsory vaccinations on July 29.

? Historian Armen Ayvazyan, who circulates conspiracy theories about COVID-19, suggested creating a nationwide front against vaccination live on Facebook. “If we do not give the right answer to this problem and do not reject it, the consequences will be catastrophic,” he said, accusing the government of a genocidal blow to the health of the Armenian people.

? The “Coronavirus = Century Affair” page, opened in the spring of this year, created a post against the vaccine. From Torosyan’s words that there will be several vaccines in the world, the page assumed that they would be different vaccines for the “golden billion” and different ones for ordinary mortals, which will kill us in a few years.

? Lusine Haroyan-Dallakyan, who aspired to become prime minister in the 2018 snap elections, wrote on the same topic, that the vaccine produced by Moderna is deadly. “And that DEATH is what Arsen Torosyan and Nikol Pashinyan are bringing.”

In another post, she insisted, “The same Nubar Afeyan and his partner Ruben Vardanyan are shareholders in the Amulsar mine. In other words, they have a profit, they are very interested and they will do everything to bring Armenia to an ecological catastrophe, to turn the whole of Armenia into a desert as a result, and to inflict heavy and irreversible health damage and death on the population.”

Arshaluys Barseghyan

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