“Yerkir Media” And “Free News” Were Fined For Violating The Law On Advertising.

Gayane Asryan


As a result of Television and Radio Commission (TRC) monitoring, violations have been recorded on the air of the TV stations “Yerkir Media” and “Free News.” 

The television companies were fined for violating the “Advertising” law, in the case of “Yerkir Media” in the amount of 500 times the minimum salary (500 thousand AMD), and in the case of “Free News” in the amount of 300 times (300 thousand AMD). 

“Yerkir Media” violated the advertising hours due to the long running time of the “Yerkir Today” news program on the air, placing more advertisements than is stipulated by the law. They did not observe the advertisement placement hours on air, they showed advertisements of lotteries and online betting games. 

Meanwhile, according to law, advertisements for lottery or online betting games can be aired 20 minutes before and 20 minutes after news broadcasts. The advertisements of “Adjarabet.am,” “Vbet” and “Toto gaming.am” were aired. 

The broadcaster can appeal the decision in court. 

Earlier, the commission had imposed another fine on the TV company for profanity on air, this time in the amount of 400 times the minimum wage (400 thousand AMD). 

The director of Yerkir Media TV Company considered this a threat, an assessment of a political order against the TV Company, and is appealing the verdict in court. 

“Free News” TV company was also fined. The main editions of “News Sunday” and “Free News” news programs were interrupted by commercials. 

The law prohibits commercial breaks during official news broadcasts. 

The commission notified the media about the fine so that they can present clarifications and explanations surrounding the verdict. However, during the initiated administrative proceedings, “Free News” did not provide any clarification or explanation. 

The CTR informs that the TV company bears editorial responsibility for the information presented to the consumer and is obliged to comply with the requirements of the legislation regulating the field of audiovisual media. 

The Commission also adds that failure to fulfill the requirement of the law itself brings responsibility. 

Gayane Asryan 

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