There Are Dozens Of Changes In Television

Nune Hakhverdyan

Art critic, journalist

The Committee on Television and Radio (CTR), studying the broadcasts of television stations, has compiled dozens of the most-watched programs in different genres. The TV programs watched in the second quarter of 2019 (April-June) have already been summarized.

Shant’s “Horizon” remains the leader in news programs, followed by Public TV’s “News,” and Armenia’s “The Time” in third place.

Compared to previous months, Public Broadcaster has made headway, moving from third to second place, and “The Time”’ has dropped a point.

(News Programs)

2019 Second Quarter

The highest viewership among talk shows and political programs is ATV’s “Half Open Windows,” followed by several public programs at once: “Public Discussion,” “Wait for Me, Armenia,” “Let’s Understand,” “Rules of the Game.”

(Talk Show, Political Programs)

Kentron TV’s “In Front Of The Mirror” is in the sixth place, it registered a sharp increase, as it was not included in the top ten in the results of the previous quarter survey.

It’s interesting to compare film viewings. The Armenian population prefers to watch feature films offered by Armenia TV. The top six are mainly Armenian-produced comedies or Armenian-related films.

(Feature Films)

The same is the case with soap operas, where Shant and Armenia TV have traditionally competed. Armenia’s “More Than Honor” and “Born Without An Address” are next to Shant’s “Little Bride” and “Rejected”.

(Soap Operas/Series)

The list of documentaries is different. The most popular is the series, “Public Hero of Our Times.”

The main provider of entertainment and humor continues to be Shant, with its “Women`s Club” and “Humor League” programs followed by Armenia’s series, “Full House” and “Domino.”

In its research, the CTR also considered entertainment and music programs separately. The first three places on this list are the products of Armenia.

One can expect the picture to change in the next quarter as many new channels have reworked their plans and innovations in the new season.

But one thing has remained unchanged for a long time: football remains the most-watched sport. It is the champion of all sports programs with all its broadcasts. And only sometimes does weightlifting come close to football.

Nune Hakhverdyan

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