Armenia 5th in the World in Number of Odnoklassniki Users

Anahit Danielyan


The Russian site Odnoklassniki is still the most popular social networking site in Armenia, said DigiSales CEO Arsen Sultanyan at a conference in Yerevan titled “Digital Day: Mail.ru/Digital Day.Mail.Ru.”

According to the data Sultanyan presented, in terms of prevalence, Facebook comes second, followed by Mail.ru and Instagram.

Moreover, the majority of users access Odnoklassniki on a computer, while Facebook, on a mobile phone.

Slide from Mail.Ru Group representative Aleksandr Strebkov's presentation

Mail.Ru Group representative Aleksandr Strebkov, presenting the company’s internal data at the conference, mentioned that Armenia occupies fifth place in the world when it comes to number of Odnaklassniki users (Russia was not in the list of countries surveyed). 

According to Strebkov, in Armenia, 1.4 million people monthly  — 713,000 daily — access Odnoklassniki, which has 73 million users worldwide.

Moreover, 38% of Odnoklassniki users worldwide are men (62% women), while in Armenia, the reverse is true: 66% men, 34% women.

Anahit Danielyan

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