Top 5 Most Read Stories of 2015, According to 7 Armenian News Sites

Anna Barseghyan


What did visitors to Armenian news websites read in 2015?

To what extent did the year’s main news events interest readers?

We present the top 5 most read/watched stories of Hetq, News.am, Tert.am, 1in.am, Mediamax, Civilnet, and Azatutyun (RFE/RL’s Armenian service), as provided to us by our colleagues. [Note, in all cases, the top 5 are in Armenian; where possible, the links to the English translations are provided.]


  1. Yerevan Police Use Force to Disperse Electricity Rate Hike Sit-In Protest
  2. Secret Account? Head of Armenian Church Shows Up in Leaked HSBC Files
  3. All In the Family: Armenian Prime Minister’s Booming Business Empire-3
  4. Musical Odyssey: Two Brothers from Armenia Reunite in Paris 14 Years Later
  5. Tsarukyan Throws Down Gauntlet to Sargsyan: Calls for Complete Regime Change



  1. Photos of Avetisyan Family Who Was Murdered in Gyumri [AM]
  2. Famous Actor Karen Janibekyan Passed Away [AM]
  3. Kim Kardashian wears Armenian national costume (PHOTOS)
  4. 6-month-old Seryozha Avetisyan dies (PHOTO)
  5. Russia President addresses Armenians



  1. Avetisyans Buried in Gyumri [AM]
  2. Gyumri: Police Release Footage From House of the Deceased [AM]
  3. Famous Russian TV Host Andrey Malakhov Visited Little Seryozha [AM]
  4. Protest against increase in electricity tariffs in Yerevan’s Liberty Square (updated)
  5. Electric Yerevan: Peaceful protest continues in Baghramyan Avenue (livestream, updated)



  1. Baghramyan Protests Against Rising Electricity Prices
  2. Kanye West’s Live Performance in Downtown Yerevan Swan Lake
  3. Kim Kardashian Arrives in Armenia
  4. Sit-in on Baghramyan Avenue and Brutal Police Violence Against Protestors (Full Video) [AM, video]
  5. Doctor Refuses to Provide First Aid to Female Demonstrator Subjected to Brutal Violence [AM, video]



  1. Ruben Vardanyan: “We should surprise and break the biases”
  2. A Bit Cold, But Proud: Girls Who Accompanied [Visiting] Presidents [AM]
  3. #ElectricYerevan: Vaghinak and Maksim [AM]
  4. 100 years later in New York: #BeArmenian, #BeAlive
  5. Lidia Leonova: “Egg as ransom, and swamp as path to freedom”



  1. Civilnet’s live stream page
  2. Police Chief’s One Week: “Sober Up, Crazy Kids” [AM, video]
  3. The series “From Your Pocket” [AM]
  4. Surik Khachatryan: “The Chronicle of Robes” [AM, video]
  5. Kim Kardashian, Khloe and Kanye West Visit Genocide Memorial


Azatutyun (RFE/RL’s Armenian service)

  1. Azatutyun TV (especially during #ElectricYerevan)
  2. Founding Parliament Car Procession Participants Beaten Near Berdzor [AM]
  3. Gagik Tsarukyan Calls for Achieving Serzh Sargsyan’s Resignation [AM]
  4. Jirayr Sefilian and Argishti Kiviryan Respond to Police Chief’s Accusations [AM]
  5. Serzh Sargsyan and Gagik Tsarukyan Met [AM]

Media.am selected the news outlets by considering their impact, audience, and content. We thank our colleagues for providing their lists of most read stories.

You can see the top 5 most read news stories of 2014 here.

Tell us your site’s top 5 most read stories in the comments section below.

Anna Barseghyan 

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