MIG TV Launches New Website, Lori TV is Happy With its Old One

Vanadzor’s MIG TV company has renounced its migtvr.am site registered on the .am domain and has launched migtvr.com on a blogging platform. MIG director Samvel Harutyunyan says that the company’s website was broken into by Azerbaijani hackers: there were Turkish and Azerbaijani flags on the home page and photos of Azerbaijani soldiers.

The TV company opted to abandon its old website and launch a new website based on a blogging platform. One of the reasons too was that MIG TV’s old site was technologically outdated, while the new site is much easier to use. On the new site, there are not only local news, but also national (Armenian) and international news. The new site also hosts a YouTube add-on, so news and advertisements are also available on video.

The new website doesn’t have a separate tech employee — Harutyunyan assumes this work. Published is content that, according to Harutyunyan, would be interesting for visitors to the site. For example, material on recent elections in Rusia and Artur Meschyan’s 1991 interviews is available on the site.

Harutyunyan plans to develop the site and over time, he intends to offer internet broadcasting.

The website for Lori TV, loritv.am, is bilingual (Armenian and English). Only Lori TV’s own content is on the site: written journalistic reports and video reports, which are initially uploaded on the company’s YouTube channel. The person responsible for the website is Hermine Ohanyan, who is also a TV reporter for Lori TV. She says that the technological capabilities of the site are currently enough for them. 

Lori TV is trying to broaden its audience through the website. “One of the problems the website addresses is portraying provincial issues on a larger scale,” she says.

The other two TV companies operating in the province of Lori, 9th Channel and Fortuna, do not yet have websites.

Adrine Torosyan, Vanadzor

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