The Price Per Minute of Air Time for Political Ads on Armenian Television

According to Armenia’s Electoral Code, the price per minute of paid air time may not exceed the average cost of commercial advertisement for the last six months preceding the calling of elections and may not be changed till the end of the election campaign. 

The most expensive rate of paid air time was set by Shant TV, which asks for 120,000 drams (approx. $308 USD) per minute, while the cheapest rate was set by ArmNews, at 18,000 drams (approx. $46) per minute.

The price per minute of of air time for political ads is 110,000 drams (approx. $283) at Armenia TV and 80,000 drams (approx. $206) at Armenia’s Public TV (H1). H2 (also Armenian Public TV), however, is asking for 60,000 drams (approx. $154) per minute if aired on a weekday between 6 pm and midnight (prime time) and Sunday 10 am to midnight and 30,000 drams (approx. $77) for all other times. 

Kentron TV is also more affordable at 32,400 drams (approx. $83) per minute — as is Yerkir Media at 30,000 drams (approx. $77). Also on the more affordable end is ATV, which is asking for 24,000 drams (approx. $62) per minute of paid air time for political ads. 

All rates include VAT (value-added tax).


According to the Electoral Code, the Central Electoral Commission will establish the manner and schedule for providing free of charge as well as paid air time on state radio and television for candidates for the parties and alliances that have presented party lists based on the proportional system for the National Assembly. This will be made public on Apr. 2.

ArmNews, Armenia and ATV will provide 6 minutes of free air time daily to political parties and alliances participating in the parliamentary elections based on the proportional system for election campaigning.

There won’t be political ads on AR TV, 12 TV, or Yerevan TV television stations.

The election campaign period will run through from  Apr. 8 to May 4 at midnight. 

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