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The Blurred Line Between Free Speech And Insults

Gegham Vardanyan

Physicist by education, journalist by occupation

“Probably the majority of society has already acquired immunity and no longer understands where free speech ends, what is simply an insult, where incitement and initiation to hostility begins, which will lead to violence,” said Vardine Grigoryan, HCAV election program coordinator. 

The article on inciting national, racial, or religious enmity of the RA Criminal Code is currently applied in connection with two cases. One to human rights activist Sashik Sultanyan, the other to producer Armen Grigoryan. Vardine Grigoryan considers this strange. 

According to her, in the case of Armen Grigoryan, the speech was bad and shouldn’t have been spoken, but there is no discussion about the expediency of detention for that case. 

And Vardine Grigoryan describes the case of human rights activist Sashik Sultanyan as absurd. Sashik Sultanyan spoke about cases of discrimination against Yezidis in the Republic of Armenia and described it as ethnic hostility. 

Gegham Vardanyan 

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