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In The Library: Agnes Kheranyan

Gegham Vardanyan

Physicist by education, journalist by occupation

Agnes Kheranyan believes that a video blogger is someone who records and a video about what they do in real life and spreads it across the internet. Speaking from your own name, you are able to make connections with people.

“The reactions are inspirational for me. It seems to me that people need positive, light, happy vibes,” she said.

Agnes doesn’t watch tv, she doesn’t follow news regularly, but she noticed that people watch YouTube more now than TV, because it’s easier to find what they want that way.

She adds that journalism, of course, can be part of video blogging, but it’s important that it isn’t made boring.

She is convinced that if news outlets want to convey something serious to young people, they can do it via video bloggers, who already have a stable audience on the Armenian internet domain.

It is difficult for YouTubers in Armenia, because it’s difficult to make normal money and monetize your own products. Agnes Kheranyan suggests not to wait for gifts and try to apply to all potential sponsors.

“Video blogging is a force, because a couple thousand people a day can watch you,” she said. Especially, since a community of Armenian video bloggers is already being formed. The second course of video blogging will also help.  


Gegham Vardanyan

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