“Yes” and “No” are not displayed on Yerevan Buildings yet

Gayane Asryan


There are specially allocated places in Yerevan for the April 5 constitutional referendum campaign.

There are 368 announcement boards located in all the administrative districts.

Grigor Lusavorich street, near the Press House

However, the campaign boards are still empty in various parts of the city. Yes and No campaigners have not used the free ad spaces on the Yerevan walls.

In some places, there were announcements non-related to the campaign. Such commercial ads were removed from the boards.

10, Hrachya Kochar street

Yes and No campaigners have not placed mass-produced banners yet. However, the Central Electoral Commission has already published the tariffs for outdoor billboards with a surface area exceeding one square meter.

The most expensive billboards are on Isakov Avenue – they cost about 227 thousand AMD. The billboards cost 215 thousand AMD in Kanaker-Zeytun, 150 thousand AMD – in the Center, and 140 thousand AMD – in Arabkir, Avan, Shengavit. These prices are stipulated for a one-month period; taxes are included. The billboards on Sevan Highway cost about 70 thousand AMD.

The Yes and No campaign officially started on February 17 and will continue until April 3.

Follow this link to see the prices for campaign ads on TV.

Gayane Asryan

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