The Sun, Google, and All the Rest

Nune Hakhverdyan

Art critic, journalist

A relic from Soviet times, drawing on walls or hanging grandiose poems or slogans from the walls is still common in different educational institutions in Armenia. 

On the walls of primary and kindergarten schools, and universities are again the most well-known sayings of the Armenian classics or commanders (for example, the message directed to Silva Kaputikyan’s son), accompanied by bronze busts and statuettes. 

The realistic approach has always been considered easier and more accessible than the allegorical. But sometimes this “classic-ifying” solidifies so much that it seems that the period of calls for struggle and design won’t end, and the attempts to communicate with the children will remain in the area of discipline and message.

A more recent example of the visualization of the communication and entertainment of children and youth was found in the children’s home at Vanadzor’s Taron 2 neighborhood.

The orphanage, where 62 children and youth (from 10 day-olds to 18 year-olds) live, decided to depict the building of public relationships through social media and, in general, internet icons. 

Google opens its doors and social networking sites, blogs, browsers, and various online platforms appear. And next to them is the sun, a new platform for communication.

Nune Hakhverdyan

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