Elections 2018

Black-White, In The Flower Bed Of Foreign Media

Gagik Aghbalyan

32 foreign media outlets were accredited to cover the snap elections in Armenia. More and more media outlets have touched upon the number one political event in our country.

During the elections and in subsequent days, Armenian outlets have presented flowers to foreign media outlets for their evaluations. Providing your own readers with foreign press releases was a bit reminiscent of the political black and white coloring. Or basically a flowerbed of positive evaluations, or negative.

Radio Liberty touches on 4 media outlets.  

The economist magazine, referring to the situation in Armenia after the revolution, argues that after Serzh Sargsyan’s resignation and becoming the Prime Minister, Pashinyan, in essence, had to lead the government without a ruling party. “Despite this, he is worshiped like a hero,” wrote the authoritative British magazine.

“The Armenian revolution is a shining light in Europe,” wrote The Nation, published in the United States, indicating that this was the first power shift in the former soviet Union that began in the streets without external intervention.

Al Jazeera’s correspondent arrived in Armenia to observe the snap elections and said that Pashinyan’s victory would end the peaceful revolution he had begun earlier this year.

Tert.am cited The Guardian, which wrote that “reformer” Nikol Pashinyan had a convincing victory in these elections. “The former editor-in-chief of a newspaper… marked a dramatic break from the cadre of rulers who have run Armenia since the late 1990s.” the newspaper writes.

In a conversation with the Washington Post, voter Bella Nazarian said “He’s a populist and a liar. I believe that people’s eyes will open as early as the coming spring.” 37-year-old engineer Sahak Mkhitaryan is  worried about Pashinyan’s “divisive rhetoric.” “He wants to create an internal enemy and hates those who don’t share his beliefs,” said the voter.

Tert.am also quoted France 24, as saying that the majority of voters in Armenia went to the polling stations motivated by Pashinyan’s pre-election promises. The elections were called on the wave of a revolutionary euphoria. But after the polls, that sentiment will inevitably weaken and Pashinyan and his team will face a reality check,” analyst Gevorg Poghosyan told the French media.

The same Gevorg Poghosyan spoke to the German Deutsche Welle, which was referred to in the armtimes.com website. There, instead of such a sharp evaluation, he spoke about foreign policy. He said that foreign policy will not undergo considerable changes. He spoke without any sharp evaluations.

Armtimes also highlighted French Le monde’s formulations for its readers that citizens are enthusiastic about the fact that most citizens leaving the polling stations are just as “historic and revolutionary” as the vote.

The website also quoted Chatham House expert Laurence Broers, in his conversation with Euronews, that the low percentage of citizens’ participation in the elections is primarily commonplace in democratic countries.

Gagik Aghbalyan

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