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Vahram Martirosyan

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Mankind is at war with the epidemic. Also in the field of media. It seems that the media should have helped people to protect themselves from the crowned virus, who … doesn’t have his own media, it’s just an infection. But war is raging in the media.

But war is raging in the media, with some media outlets, the overwhelming majority, being under the control of the former government, serving the infection and voluntarily becoming “crowned viruses.”

According to Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben, “It is possible that the epidemic we are living in is the embodiment of a global civil war (my emphasis is on VM), which, according to the most cautious political scientists, has come to replace traditional civil wars. All nations and peoples are constantly at war with themselves because the invisible and invincible enemy against whom they are at war is within us.”

In the second part of my article, I compared the ideological terms expressed in the “Crowned Viruses” media with 14 points of another Italian philosopher and great writer, Umberto Eco’s essay “Eternal Fascism.” I presented the coincidence of conspiracy and elitism with the 7th and 10th points of the “Eternal Fascism” list.

The first item on Eco’s list is the worship of traditions. For “Eternal Fascists,” the truth has already been proclaimed once and for all. One can only comment on its dark moments.” (Isn’t it like the criminal subculture, the “there is only one right, brother” formula, loved by “thieves”)?

Like many post-Soviet countries, religion is part of the “package” of traditionalism in Armenia.

According to the article I have already mentioned by Tigran Sargsyan, the Armenian “church has preserved in its original form the main evangelical religions, imbued with pure Christian liberalism.”

And here is the “Mirror” which published the priest, Father Sahak’s, 40-minute monologue entitled “This is an act. No one in Armenia has died from the coronavirus” and quoting his caption, “The whole government in Armenia is in the hands of the forces of darkness.”

Accusing Nikol Pashinyan of not being a specialist, the clergyman angrily denies the disease and claims, “officially,” that money is being distributed to the relatives of the deceased in Armenia, the United States and Russia to say that the death was caused by the coronavirus. “I urge you to stay away from the chipping program… 5G … let our youths, our young people, who have good energy, break and burn them..” (23:28).

I would compare the protection of the traditions with the fever of the crowned viruses’ symptoms because a healthy, cold-blooded patriot cannot call for the destruction of technical progress devices in his native country … which, by the way, have not been installed yet.


The church and nationalism are the backbones of corrupt regimes such as Russia, whose president was the KGB officer of the Security Service, which killed tens of thousands of soldiers, and the two former leaders of Armenia, Robert Kocharyan and Serzh Sargsyan, who advocated atheism during the Soviet era and were Communist Party functionaries.

With similar biographies, their associates exploit religious concepts to the point of ridicule.

Artashes Geghamyan, who was elected to the National Assembly from the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) led by Serzh Sargsyan, is said to have “not fear God,” and yet two weeks before the 2018 revolution announced, “The day of Serzh Sargsyan’s election as Prime Minister will be holy.”

On the other hand, this is a unique continuation of the Soviet tradition. To quote from the materials of the exhibition “Without Censorship,” a quarter of a century after the death of “Father of Nations” Stalin, in 1978, publicist Zori Balayan writes, “L. I. Brezhnev shows paternal care for the solution of the socio-economic problems of the republic” (Avangard, April 19, 1978).

At the same time, in 1978, the 150th anniversary of the “unification” of Armenia with Russia was celebrated, but Brezhnev visited not Yerevan that year, but Baku, where Heydar Aliyev expressed his “filial” feelings towards him more tangibly, by giving a ring with a large diamond and 15 small stones.

The gaze of those who deny the contagion is directed to foreign forces, with desperate monotony in Moscow. They refer to the Russian media or to foreigners who are quoted by the Russians as Donald Trump, who ignores the “pandemic” and with whom the Kremlin openly or secretly sympathizes with.

Here is an excerpt from a post by a very aggressive user on Facebook, which the public can remember from a 2018 TV show. “The postponed June 24 military parade will take place in Moscow on May 9. Yeah, imagine, a military parade! This means that the Trump-Putin alliance has taken shape, and Putin is finally coming out of the corona game.”


True, the composition of the enemy forces remains dark if Putin and Trump successfully leave their ranks. At the same time, more than 100,000 victims of “common respiratory disease” have been killed in the United States.

But the more uncertain the conspirators, the more conspirators conspire.

Both this woman and the other deniers of the pandemic express their patriotic outbursts and hatred of the government on social media, mostly in Latin letters or Cyrillic letters, including, by the way, with incredible grammatical errors and mistakes. (That this is typical of hate speech that spreads from all sides).

They do not wear a “muzzle,” it is typical for them to consider reporting crimes to the law enforcement agencies of their native country as inappropriate. It is criminally punishable to commit a crime, but they prefer to be criminals of their homeland than a law-abiding citizen, who in their eyes, also in Russian, is “fink,” and a “bitch.” It is difficult to find logic, but it is unacceptable for them … Visa liberalization with the US and the EU.

According to the second point of the essay of Umberto Eco, “Eternal Fascism” is the enemy of modernity, liberalism, according to the 5th point, “racist is on its own,” the 12th characteristic is machismo, which usually reaches satisfaction at the level of homophobic positioning.


In the “Propaganda” segment of the Media Initiative Center’s “Lratun” project “Without Censorship: The 8 fateful Mediamoney of 1988, 1998, 2008, 2018” exhibition, I showed many examples of discrimination and hate speech in the media of the pre-revolutionary regime.

For example, the xenophobia against the Yezidi minority by Manvel Badeyan, a member of the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) faction, was either not covered or forgiven. Liberalism is called a “cancer virus” in a newspaper, the chairman of the editorial board of which is Hayk Babukhanyan, a member of the NA RPA faction.

Hayots Ashkhar and Golos Armenii newspapers, whose backwardness and service did not stop the March 1 killings, regularly use anti-Jewish and homophobic labels to discredit the opposition.

Vahram Martirosyan

To be continued

The previous part of the article series.

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