Those Against Getting Chipped, And Those Against Those Against Getting Chipped

Samvel Martirosyan

Media researcher

Is the Armenian society concerned about the protection of personal data? One can assume that yes. Boy, is it worried. Otherwise, how else can you explain the widespread fight against chipping?

As is well known, narrow circles try to chip wide circles so that they know everything about each individual in those wide circles. So that in the future they will be able to control a wide range of people and all their relatives.

The fight against getting chipped has reached a point where people refuse to be tested for suspected coronavirus because they have heard that narrow circles even use this simple operation to chip: naturally, to the bright representatives of a wide range of people.

There is even a suspicion that the coronavirus was created (or invented), and the presence of the virus is just to chip people under the pretext of testing. And people are fighting against getting chipped, for the protection of our personal data, to be free and uncontrolled citizens.

However, the struggle for personal data begins here and immediately disappears. If at least ten percent of this energy is directed to real problems that exist in the field of personal data protection, we will be a very progressive society. But you won’t see such a thing, you won’t even notice it.

It is already the third month that Armenia is living in a state of emergency. The country has had a system of total control for a long time: in the name of the fight against coronavirus, of course.

In the early days of this system, we made some noise and kept quiet. The state of emergency, as we can already guess, becomes a beautiful part of our lives, it will last for months and months (if it lasts for years, I will not be surprised either). And this means that the system continues to collect detailed information about our movement and personal connections; Moreover, now, when everyone is no longer #StayHome and they are making their daily movement and whereabouts nice and clear.

And what did we learn about the system during this time? Several thousands of people have been infected, which has led to the discovery of several hundreds of infected people. Which, let’s agree is quite sensational.

However, we did not know who had access to the system, how it was serviced, and we did not receive answers to many other questions.

There were rumors that a commission would be set up in the National Assembly to monitor the use of the data. But, as I understand, the deputies have more interesting things to deal with. There is no time to sneeze, no personal data, no control. The system is working on its own, people have forgotten and I guess it’s not worth reminding them.

It is much easier, on the one hand, to fight against getting chipped, and on the other hand to fight against those who fight against getting chipped. And now I personally have a question. Where do those who fight against getting chipped or those who fight against those who fight against getting chipped get together?

Samvel Martirosyan

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