Consumption Patterns of Armenian Online News Media

Samvel Martirosyan

Media researcher

News websites in Armenia’s online sphere are gradually occupying dominant positions. Year by year, the Armenian Internet’s main audience is gravitating toward news media. 

According to findings by the Armenian web resources rating site Circle.am and B24, this was the picture in September 2010 (only visits from Armenia are calculated, and, of course, several major Armenian news outlets are not included):

1. Tert.am: 346 369
2. News.am: 234 181
3. A1plus.am: 194 648
4. Armsport.am: 181 218
5. Hayland.am: 152 410
6. Lragir.am: 141 354
7. Auto.am: 141 030
8. Druzja.am: 108 214
9. Rate.am: 107 523 
10. Armtoday.info: 101 596

As we see, in the top ten are 6 news outlets (Tert.am, News.am, A1plus.am, Armsport.am, Lragir.am, and Armtoday.info), 2 business sites (Rate.am and Auto.am), and 2 social networking sites (Hayland.am and Druzja.am).

This was the picture in September 2011 (again, only visits from Armenia are included):

1. News.am: 2 041 875
2. Tert.am: 827 406
3. 1in.am: 640 903
4. Armblog.net: 534 608
5. ArmeniaTV.com: 519 005
6. Armsport.am: 500 169
7. Auto.am: 332 600
8. Lragir.am: 316 620
9. Asekose.am: 312 845
10. RealMadrid.am: 260 244

There are now 7 news website and one individual blog in the list of Armenian websites with the highest number of visits. 

The top 10 list from Oct. 14 to Nov. 13 of this year (again, only including visits from Armenia) includes 8 news or similar websites; the platform Dasaran.am for students, parents, and teachers, which automatically would have a lot of visitors as it includes hundreds of schools; and Auto.am, which is gradually losing its place to the online glamour magazine Bravo.am.


If we consider the same components without limiting them to visits only from Armenia then the picture changes.


It becomes clear that entertainment or social networking sites that are purely Armenian in nature more so interest diaspora Armenians (only 3–15% of visits to many of these sites are from Armenia), while users in Armenia prefer more global platforms that are outside of Armenia. 

Samvel Martirosyan

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