Clash At The Armenian-Azerbaijani Border: Misinformation

Arshaluys Barseghyan


Starting from July 12, the Armenian-Azerbaijani border clashes moved to the social network and news domain. Media.am has singled out several local and international pieces of misinformation.

Hraparak.am presented the Azerbaijani video received from a Georgian source

The story of hraparak.am material has already been published on social networks, which presents the video distributed by the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan received from their Georgian counterparts on IMEDI TV.

Later, hraparak.am published the video of information security specialist Samvel Martirosyan, who talks about some of their “strange” episodes of the same material received from Georgia. Hraparak.am published another comment from Samvel Martirosyan with almost the same content.

The first publication of Hraparak.am was touched upon by the Armenian aliq.ge operating in Georgia. The site informed, “No such video has been published on IMEDI TV’s website or on air.”

Moreover, according to aliq.ge, the pro-government Imedinews.ge website was one of the first Georgian news outlets to cover the border developments, “but the official and unofficial statements of the Azerbaijani side prevail in the materials published by the news outlet.”

The editor of Yerevan.Today indirectly accuses Pashinyan of treason

In his “In Short” series, Yerevan.Today Editor-in-Chief Sevak Hakobyan referred to the question raised by Pashinyan at the special session of the Government, whether it is possible that the Azerbaijani soldiers got lost.

Hakobyan says, “Why did the Armenian side confidently push back the enemy? Because Nikol Pashinyan was enjoying his free time with his family.”

He raised the issue of direct communication, circulating the propaganda thesis that “did it work before Ashot came from the army?” Hakobyan means the son of the Prime Minister who was demobilized a few days ago, Ashot Pashinyan.

And the conclusion of the material is, “Nikol Pashinyan is an escaping sort, in all the responsible moments he did that which he is good at, he simply flew away.”

The person making the post was not an assistant to the deputy

Politik.am singled out two users who, according to the website, are Prime Minister Pashinyan’s teammates and are promoting Azerbaijani propaganda theses.

The website described the peace-loving post of the two users with the same content as “advancing Azerbaijani propaganda theses.”

The site called the author of the post on social media “a participant in the process of change of power” presented him as “a member of Pashinyan’s team,” “a close activist of Pashinyan.” It published unverified news about the other user who had spread the post, saying, “By the way, according to some information, this user is the assistant of one of the pro-government deputies.” The Facebook user responded to the website, denying that she was an assistant to the deputy.

Politik.am later removed the episode about her being an assistant to the deputy, which, however, was saved in Google cache. This information was spread by other websites, where the deleted sentence is preserved: Yerevan.Today, 7or.am, hayeli.am, antifake.am, etc.

Accounts of those who spread false information

Information security specialist Samvel Martirosyan said in his video “What to do on social networks when they shoot at the border,” among other points, that in this period the Azerbaijani side awakens hacked Armenian Facebook accounts and leaves alarming comments with them. One should be careful and realize that the person writing the comment is not necessarily the person with whose account it is being written from by any means.

Infocheck.am singled out the information spread by several Azerbaijani pages representing themselves as Armenian. The website reported that they spread false information from stolen or fake accounts that their brothers, who serve in the intelligence, were talking about the death of more than 37 servicemen, and the Armenian government was hiding that fact from the public.

The Police spread a message about such an incident.

International press

? Russian Gazeta.ru and rosbalt.ru spread misinformation about the victims from the Armenian side, which was later corrected. As of July 13, the Armenian side had not published information about the victims.

Arshaluys Barseghyan

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