The Most Viewed Programs: 2021 Second Quarter

Gayane Asryan


The Commission on Television and Radio (CTR) has summed up the top ten rankings of audio-visual programs for the second quarter of 2021.

The highest viewership of news programs (main issue) was provided by the “Zham” news program of Armenia TV. In second place is the news program of Public Television, in third place, the news of Shant TV.

This picture has stayed the same for a long time already.

The news programs of ArmNews and Channel 5, in addition to the above, also admitted defeat to the main hour news programs of A-TV and Kentron.

The leading TV talk show with political and social orientations is Public Television. Five programs in a row: “RA NA Elections 2021,” “Interview,” “Interview with Petros Ghazaryan,” “Public discussion,” “Armenia chooses,” and “Wait for me Armenia” had many views.

After these programs of Public TV, A TV’s “Semi-open windows” is in 6th place and Shant’s “Perspective” is in 7th place.

The audience watched documentaries on several TV channels, giving preference to Armenia, Shant, Kentron and Public TV, respectively.

People mainly watched feature films on Armenia TV. Public and Center are a little behind. They watched films “The Crimson River,” “Rocky Paths,” “The Devotee of Khndzoresk,” “The Architecture of Yerevan” and others.

The picture is the same in case of consumption of sports content, the leader is Armenia TV, the programs of Kentron and Shant are relatively less consumed. Here it is important who shows football because only football is the leader of sports programs. In rare cases, weightlifting.

There has been serious competition in the field of TV series for years between the companies of Armenia and Shant TV, although Public TV series also have a stable audience. The telenovelas “Flowers Under the Snow,” “Mountain Girl,” “Tapki,” “The Two of Us Together,” and “Hidden Love” had many views.

Armenia stands out for the variety of comedy programs, although Shant’s “Women’s Club” has the highest rating. The first 6 places of the top ten music programs are occupied by the programs of Armenia TV, the highest ratings are by the programs of Armenia “Sing If You Can” and “We’re Among Friends” and Shant’s “X-Factor.”

There is a variety in the preference of culinary programs and shows, the most-watched are Shant’s “Mom’s Cooking is Different,” Armenia’s “Tastes of the World” and Public’s “Let’s Cook Together” programs.

Although children’s content is mostly foreign, many TV channels translate it. The cartoons shown by Kentron and Shoghakat were the most watched.

Gayane Asryan

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