Clarifications related to the State of Emergency and the Media

Gayane Asryan


“The media cannot publish any info on cases of Coronavirus spread inside and outside Armenia, the health state of infected people, as well as persons that have contacted them,” deputy Minister of Justice Vahe Danielyan told reporters on March 17.

“The media should report only official info, duplicating it to the extent possible and making reference to that information. Official info is the info presented by the commandant,” he said.

Danielyan also said that some serious cases had been observed related to the activities of the media. The Government has discussed these cases with the editors.

He stated that the media could be accountable for not observing the legal regime, according to the law on administrative offences.

This is related only to physical and legal entities, including the social media, and cases of Coronavirus, the health state of infected people, as well as persons that have contacted them.

Danielyan said that the police was authorized to deal with all the violations in the social media.

Comments on the international newsfeed, as well as info on the events happening worldwide cannot be included in the local newsfeed, especially if they are considered panic-provoking.

This also refers to the information obtained from international science magazines, recognized experts, doctors, scientists, as well as other sources.

As an example, the deputy minister mentioned the international story on food safety (which has nothing to do with Coronavirus), “This is panic-provoking info, regardless of the references to news sources.”

Gayane Asryan

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