Restrictions on the Media due to the State of Emergency in Armenia

RA government declared nationwide state of emergency from 18:30, March 16, 2020 to 17:00, April 14, 2020.

The legal regime of state of emergency stipulates temporary restrictions for the media.

The following is stated in the points 23-26 of the chapter Bans on certain Publications and Broadcasts by the Mass Media of the government decision.

  1. Public dissemination and reporting (through web publications, social media posts, physical and legal entities, as well as the mass media) of publications, information materials, interviews, broadcasts on existing and new infection cases inside and outside Republic of Armenia, the health state of infected people, infection sources, the circle of persons having contacted with confirmed or potential cases, the number of persons undergoing medical examination (testing), the number of isolated persons, as well as panic-provoking information, shall be implemented only through making reference to the information provided by the commandant (hereinafter – the official data.)
  2. The publications defined by the 23th point of this regulation should not contradict the official information and should duplicate them to the extent possible.
  3. The restrictions specified in this chapter shall not apply to the statements conducted by government officials or references to their statements.
  4. Publications produced with violation of the provisions specified in this chapter must be immediately destroyed by the persons having produced them.

In accordance with Article 120 of the Constitution, in case of declaration of a state of emergency, a special session of the National Assembly shall be immediately convened by virtue of law. The National Assembly may revoke the state of emergency or cancel the implementation of measures stipulated by the legal regime of state of emergency, by majority of votes of the total number of deputies. The legal regime of state of emergency shall be prescribed by a law adopted by majority of votes of the total number of deputies.



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