Prices for Political Ads in Charts

Gayane Asryan


Television and Radio Commission has published the prices for paid airtime reserved by TV and radio companies for referendum advocacy. The official campaign for Yes and No officially started on February 17 and will continue until April 3.

Armenia and Shant TV companies have the highest airtime prices, one minute costing 100 thousand AMD. The Public TV company airtime costs twice as less, one minute costing just 50 thousand AMD.

The airtime of H2 TV company costs 60.000 AMD per minute.

As for the constitutional referendum in 2015, Armenia and Shant offered their airtime for 110 thousand AMD per minute, and Public TV – 70 thousand AMD per minute.

The Yerkir Media airtime price has been the same in both referendums – 25 thousand AMD (VAT included.) Kentron, AR, Nor Hayastan TV companies offer similar prices for political ads.

ATV airtime costs relatively higher – 40 thousand AMD per minute. The 5th Channel offers the lowest price – 6900 AMD.


As compared to the paid airtime prices for the previous referendum, regional TV companies have reviewed and increased their prices during this campaign.

Thus, Fortuna from Lori offers the highest price – about 22 thousand AMD. Geghama, Tsayg and Shant in Gyumri correspondingly offer 12 thousand, 15 thousand and 10 thousand AMD.

Ankyun+3 offers the lowest price – 1200 to 1900 AMD. Only Ankyun+3 has maintained the same price, as compared to the previous referendum. The others have increased their prices by a few thousand AMD or, in some cases, have doubled the price.

Radio companies have reviewed their prices as well. Radio Van and Russkoye Radio have the highest price for the campaign – 4200 AMD per minute. Autoradio, Hay FM, Radio Hay, Yerevan FM, Europa Plus have similar prices.

Only Public Radio has decreased the price from 3600 AMD to 1200 AMD. Only Shant Radio has maintained the same price. All the other companies have increased the prices.

Elections provide additional income for the media. For the past years, media.am has been analyzing the “financial flow” of political ads to the media, trying to define the most preferred platforms. A few days after the campaign, it will be clear how much income the media has generated as a result of the constitutional referendum.

Gayane Asryan

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