Motv Will Rely On The YouTube Format

Gayane Asryan


H3 TV is transforming into Motv. The TV company’s leadership has changed. The new Chief Producer, Rafael Tadevosyan, made assurances that it will become a new TV channel with new content and formats.

“We will transfer the content of social media programs to television. That is to say, all of our programs will be able to compete with the best programs in the Armenian market on YouTube, Instagram and other online networks,” explained Tadevosyan.

According to him, the TV viewer in Armenia demands that traditional media becomes more creative, free and innovative. And, responding to these demands, they made a bid in the television market to become innovative and give a new breath to Armenian TV.

At Motv, based on a market-based market analysis, they decided that their target audience will be people up to the age of 50, who are searching for necessary media content on social networks.

They promise young people and middle-aged citizens, 35-50 years old, to return new TV productions to their television screens.

“We will not see the same old and beaten faces, people need new television characters. We are guided by the needs of the audience,” said the channel producer.

To solve this problem, the TV channel will collaborate with famous vloggers and actors.

“The technical launch of our work will start in March and it will take another two months to get into the swing of things. Let me mention that we do not have a political orientation, and that will be clear from our news. We will not pursue any political goals,” added Tadevosyan.

He is convinced that they will be able to be financially self-sufficient and work without extraneous financial flows. “We will work with our program and YouTube sponsors.”

Gayane Asryan

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