New Armenia, Old And New Programs

Gagik Aghbalyan

A new season of TV starts in September-October. What do TV companies offer their audience?

Public Television

“Rules of the Game” is a political talk show run by experienced reporter, Armen Dulyan. In the past few years, journalists who are more experienced in the genre of monologues are now listening to the program’s guests as well as their own thoughts.

It was symbolic that the guests of the first program were people who were connected with journalism, and the topic was related to the media.

The program “One Window” is from the so-called series on “human and law.” The program explains legal terminology, and clarifies legislation. During the program, specific stories are discussed, which deal with the topic of the day. There are two sides of the offense and slander program. The side which believes that they are a victim of slander, and the side who claims that they have not committed slander. The subject of dispute is one of Aram Asatryan’s songs. The question is: Who is the song dedicated to? The facts of the dispute are interpreted by the lawyer, as well as by experts in the field of copyright, media and freedom of speech.

One of the first programs on the First Channel is called “Special Brigade.” This is a reality show. People who are not related to military service are living in barracks, trying to overcome military norms, learn how to shoot, neutralize mines and so on.

There is an educational series being filmed called “Planet 612” for the youngest of viewers.

Armenia TV

The autumn season of  Armenia TV has kicked off on October 8.

There will be four sitcoms playing at the same time during the new season broadcast. We’re talking about “Full House 2,” the third season of “Azizyan,” about the second season of the sitcom “Change” with the participation of Hovhannes Azoyan. The fourth is the “Golden School” with the participation of Vache Tovmasyan, about everyday school life.

126 countries in the world will air a TV show called “Mysteries Masters.” Armenia will also have a 25-part psychological thriller called “Recalculations.” The main roles of Yelena Arshakyan’s film are Khoren Levonyan, Ani Yeranyan and Sos Janibekyan.

Armenia has signed a contract with UEFA to acquire 7 football tournaments in the next four years. Till 2022, Armenia National TV will broadcast the Nations League 2018 and 2020 drawings, including the final tournaments, qualifying stages of Euro 2020 and the Mundial-2022, and the Euro 2020 final.


ArmNews TV Company launches a new program titled “Armenians Are Living,” where the real life and painful issues of the Armenian Diaspora are raised. Among the new programs is “20 Questions With Hamlet Arakelyan and Arpine Hakobyan.” The hosts will try to cover key spheres of our country through a series of 20 questions.

Yerkir Media

David Vanyan’s “Epoch” program on  the TV channel Yerkir Media has changed it’s format and become a talk show. In the first episodes, the guests would debate recent political events for example crisis, snap elections etc.


Shant TV company presents two funny comedy projects at once in the new broadcast season. “Humor League,” is a comedy contest without public limitations. The geography of the participants is quite large.

“Women’s Club” is the Armenian version of a well known Russian show Comedy Women, which is carried out by Vitamin club in Armenia. Women’s humor, who’s subject matter includes the latest political events, the so-called brightest figures of Armenia, and public topics. The project also involves scandalous Lili Morton, with her humorous Blondie vlog.

The “Big Littles” project will accompany the “Little Bigs” program in the second broadcasting season, which has the participation of elderly people with interesting tastes. 

We haven’t received any information, despite previous agreements, from Kentron, H2 and Shoghakat TV companies.

Gagik Aghbalyan

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