ECHR Ex-Judge’s Lawsuit Against Media Outlets

Gagik Aghbalyan

Former judge of the European Court of Human Rights, Alvina Gyulumyan, filed a lawsuit against “First News” (1in.am) and “Armtimes” daily. The reason for the suit was two publications on Alvina Gyulumyan, regarding her activities while in the station of ECHR judge.

Gyulumyan denies and demands for defamation. She also filed a lawsuit against lawyer Tigran Hayrapetyan, who by giving 1in.am an interview spoke about the judge. Gyulumyan demands that Hayrapetyan denies his words and pays a compensation of 1 million AMD. In an interview with “First News” Tigran Hayrapetyan said that Alvira Gyulumyan had been cunning, in order to prevent cases against Armenia from being discussed at the ECHR.

Another reason for the suit against “Armtimes” is the publication of similar media content. An article published in the press states that when Gyulumyan represented Armenia in the ECHR, she did not spare efforts in order to postpone the discussion of one of the cases brought before the court regarding the events which took place on March 1.

Gyulumanyan does not demand compensation from the media. “I have always been an advocate of freedom of the press and I do not want the press to be materially harassed, or make their work more difficult. Demanding money from the media may have a deterrent effect, but I want the press to be free, but simply try to confirm the information before publishing it or at least try to listen to the other party as well,” said Gyulumyan in a conversation with a reporter from Hetq.

She has responded to two media outlets, but they have not been published.

Editor of Armtimes, Lusine Barseghyan, told us that Alvina Gyulumyan’s writing was sent during the days of the velvet revolution, when editors received hundreds of letters and did not manage reading them all. Barseghyan assures that there is no problem with printing the response or denial.

Gyulumyan’s letter was not read in Armtimes. They suppose that the letter was lost in a general batch of envelopes.  

The paper’s lawyer, Tigran Muradyan, informed us that he has not yet received a decision from the court on the admittance of Alvina Gyulumyan’s lawsuit. “When we get the decision, we will make clarifications,” said the lawyer.  

1in.am’s Editor-In-Chief, Arman Babajanyan, clarifies that editorial office has nothing to do with the insult towards Gyulumyan, which the former judge of the ECHR speaks of. It is true that 1in.am did not listen to the other party, but in Babajanyan’s words, that had its own reason and explanation, Gyulumyan was always inaccessible.

Gagik Aghbalyan

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