Cuts to Non-State Media in Draft State Budget

Anahit Danielyan


The 2018 Republic of Armenia draft state budget cut its publishers and publications expenses by 10.2% (108.9 million AMD). In 2018, 962.2 million AMD will be allocated to the industry — compared to 1,071.1 million AMD in 2017.

The draft law on the 2018 state budget notes that the cut is due to the optimization of work and reduction of costs.

In 2013 and 2014, 47.7 million AMD was allocated to the sector, while in 2015, this number was around 49 million AMD.

For the first time in the last five years, the money allocated for the publication of non-state media will be reduced, by 3.2 million AMD.

Every year, the government supports certain state and non-state newspapers, magazines, and electronic publications.

In 2017, around 170 million AMD was allocated from the state budget for this purpose.

From this, more than 73 million was allocated to two state newspapers: Hayastani Hanrapetutyun (Republic of Armenia) and Respublika Armenia. These newspaper received 47 million 121 thousand AMD and 26 million 372 thousand AMD, respectively. 

Around 97 million AMD was divided among 70 publications. They are published in minority languages, cultural (print and electronic), sports, regional, children’s and youth newspapers and magazines (including three supplements). 

Of the newspapers, 14 are published in minority languages (Russian, Yazidi, Kurdish, Ukrainian, Polish, Greek, Hebrew, Georgian, Belarusian, Assyrian).

With the purpose of supporting their publication, 11 million 77 thousand AMD was transferred from the state budget. The Federation of Ukrainians in Armenia newspaper Dnipro-Slavutych, published in Armenian and Ukrainian, received the largest support — 2 million 648 thousand AMD.

Four newspapers received 900 thousand AMD each; one received 800 thousand AMD; the rest received 500 thousand AMD.

In the cultural press line item, 25 million 100 thousand AMD was provided to 23 cultural newspapers, magazines and cultural supplements.

Of the cultural publications, the biggest amount was allocated to magazines: 4 million AMD to Artasahmanyan Grakanutyun (Foreign Literature), 3 million AMD to the Russian-language Literaturnaya Armenia, and 2 million AMD each to Garun (Spring) and Nork.

Iravunq newspaper received 300 thousand AMD in assistance.

Of the electronic publications, the government decided to financially support only three: Granish Literary Community NGO’s Granish.org (600 thousand AMD), Cultural Society NGO’s Cultural.am (500 thousand AMD), and Armenian Book Center cultural union NGO’s Arteria.am (400 thousand AMD).

Sports media, apparently, doesn’t interest the executive branch of government that much: this year financial assistance was provided to only one newspaper: Cultural Development Charitable Foundation’s Marzashkharh (Sports World) to the tune of 300 thousand AMD.

Regional newspapers, unlike, for example, children’s publications, mainly received 500 thousand AMD each — 12 million 600 thousand AMD was distributed among 25 newspapers.

And finally, 47 million 117 thousand AMD was allocated from the state budget for the publication of children’s and youth newspapers and magazines. This amount was provided to seven newspapers and magazines.

Here the lion’s share went to three: Kanch children’s and youth newspaper (16 million 763 thousand AMD), Aghbyur magazine (10 million 543 thousand AMD), and Tsitsernak magazine (10 million 645 thousand AMD). The remaining four publications received up to 2 million 500 thousand AMD.

Anahit Danielyan

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