Top 5 Most Read Articles of 2014 According to 5 Armenian News Sites

Anna Barseghyan


2014 was a year full of events in Armenia. The agreement for Armenia’s accession to the Eurasian Economic Union was signed, the situation along the Armenia-Azerbaijan Line of Contact grew tense in the summer, and at the end of the year the most discussed topic became the decline of the Armenian dram.

What was Armenian media coverage like? We present the top 5 most read articles (in Armenian) on Tert.am, Hetq.am, 1in.am, News.am, and CivilNet.am, which our colleagues provided. 

The resulting picture mostly reflects the political and social issues that interest the public. According to these news providers’ top 5 stories of 2014, the most read articles were news of the death of Armenian actress Hasmik Gharibyan and the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict. 


1. Actress Hasmik Gharibyan Passed Away: Esem.am [AM]
2. Armenian president puts question to Azerbaijani counterpart at Sochi meeting
3. [Blind Bulgarian mystic Baba] Vanga’s Forecasts for 2015 Published [AM]
4. Karabakh military unveils video of downed copter crew recovery
5. How Putin’s Girlfriend Drinks Coffee. Photo of Cafe-Going Kabaeva’s Bodyguards is Topic of Discussion Online: Photo [AM]


1. What Really Happened? Soldier Who Resisted Saboteurs Tells [Story] (Video) [AM]
2. Hetq’s Investigations in 2013 [AM]
3.From Knee Injury to Life Threatening Bone Cancer: Young Soldier Appeals for Help
4. Ministry Rents Out Zvartnots: 7th Century Ruins May Be Stripped of UNESCO World Heritage Site Status
5. Former Combatants Voluntarily Return to the Artsakh Front-Line 


1. Come Stand With Me Person-to-Person, Chatlakh: Female Freedom Fighter to Deputy Chief of Police [AM]
2. 54-Year-Old Man Filmed His Sexual Relations with a Woman and Sold the Photos: Pastinfo [AM]
3. Members of New Organization Infiltrating Armenia Infect People With AIDS Using Syringes: Menq Movement [AM]
4. Armenia Gives Last Farewell to Favorite Actress Hasmik Gharibyan [AM]
5. Freedom Fighters Beaten for Insulting Serzh Sargsyan: Zhoghovurd [AM]


1. Video released on Karabakh special operation to remove chopper pilots’ remains
2. Young Armenian actress died in US of cancer
3. Secret details of Artsakh rescue operation against Azeri murderers revealed
4. [Armenian Revolutionary Federation Figure, Armenia’s Ambassador to Germany] Vahan Hovhannisyan Died [AM]
5. Putin attempts to solve Karabakh issue [headline in Armenian: “Armenia, Russia Presidents Discussed Paths to Karabakh Settlement”]


1. Civilnet’s Live Stream
2. ‘Morality’ according to the Romanian Ambassador
3. The Child Who Sanctified Doctors [AM]
4. Sensors to Protect Frontlines
5. Chinari: Opponent Fires in All Directions [AM]

The choice of news outlets was made by Media.am, taking into account the impact, audience, and content of the sites. We thank our colleagues for providing the list of their most read articles. 

You can share your website’s top 5 most read articles of 2014 by leaving a comment below.

Anna Barseghyan

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