Armenia’s Public TV and Radio Council: No Violations in H1 Broadcasting

National Commission on Television and Radio (NCTR) President Grigor Amalyan responded in writing to Asparez Journalists’ Club President Levon Barseghyan, including the materials requested from the Public TV and Radio Council.

“Asparez club carried out its monitoring from 8 am to midnight on Dec. 31, 2010,” explained the Public TV and Radio Council, “but, Public Television’s broadcast day begins from 8 am and ends the following day at the same time. Consequently, Asparez club made its calculations based on only one part of the day, in which case its results cannot be complete.

“In accordance with Article 26 Section 6 Part 1 of the RA Law on Television and Radio, advertising on Public Television should not exceed 7 percent of overall broadcasting.

“Public Television’s overall duration of broadcast transmissions on overhead channels on a daily basis comprises 48 hours (H1 channel 24 hours and Ararat channel 24 hours), whereas Asparez club carried out its monitoring only on H1 channel, and that in part, 16 hours, 7 minutes and 36 seconds. Also noted in the application is that during one hour of broadcasting, advertising exceeded the 7 percent; however, as noted above, the calculation should’ve been carried out not during one hour of broadcasting, but based on the total volume of broadcasts. Thus, also in this regard, the results of the monitoring cannot be complete.

“At the same time, we inform [you] that the 48 hours of broadcasting by Public Television on Dec. 31, 2010 did not exceed 7 percent.

“Asparez club in its monitoring also noted that the volume of advertising in a one-hour period exceeded 10 minutes. Asparez club conducted its monitoring with calculations on the full hour, but the RA Law on Advertising doesn’t anticipate the start and end of the broadcast hour. Therefore, the calculations on advertising for one hour of broadcasting also cannot be complete,” reads the letter by the Public TV and Radio Council.

The Public TV and Radio Council’s explanations on Asparez Journalist Club’s monitoring the NCTR considered sound. 

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