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In The Library: Arpi Makhsudyan

Gegham Vardanyan

Physicist by education, journalist by occupation

Journalist Arpi Makhsudyan, who now lives in Berlin, says Armenia seems to be “deaf and mute” to the international attempt to overcome the coronavirus.

For example, the Armenian translations of the guidelines of world clinics and healthcare organizations are less common in the media.

“The most important information used at the household level and the information that protects the public has no place in the Armenian press,” she said.

And she finds it strange that so far the issues of wearing a mask and gloves or not wearing them have been discussed, the answers to which the scientific community has already given.

Arpi also says that the topic of the infection is politicized, and its manipulation is dangerous, even “immoral” in terms of public health.

She especially mentions the attempt to find artificial contradictions in Arsen Torosyan’s words. As a result, the suspicion of the already suspicious society deepens and strengthens.

Even if the manipulations are not prohibited by law, this does not mean that they are permissible, because, in the end, there is the principle of non-harm, which is a golden rule for both doctors and journalists.

“Everything seems to be done so that the existing media garbage is not cleaned up, but doubled, quadrupled and spread quickly,” said Arpi.

She cites the example of leading German media, which will never invite a non-specialist, say, an IT or other representatives to discuss the epidemic, to talk about the epidemic.

“And in Armenia, these people are not restrained but encouraged. They go from one media to another and give interviews about various absurd things,” said Arpi Makhsudyan.

Now that there is a humanitarian catastrophe all over the world, the price of information and health care is very high.

Gegham Vardanyan

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