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In The Library: Davit Asatryan

Gegham Vardanyan

Physicist by education, journalist by occupation

Attorney Davit Asatryan considers the absence of employment contracts with employers and journalists as a serious problem. If there is no legal contract, the employer begins to dictate the conditions, and the journalist doesn’t have any serious arguments for defending their rights.

“The basis of work is either a command or a contract. If they do not exist, the person has no rights,” Davit Asatryan.

It is difficult to prove that the journalist really worked during court cases. Even if the proof of working (through publications, correspondence) is provided, there is a more serious problem – the size of the salary.

As Davit Asatryan said, in such cases, the average monthly salary data or other similar remuneration is provided by coworker journalists.  

There are also black and white so-called “envelope” salaries when the amount mentioned in the contract does not correspond to reality.

Davit Asatryan reminds journalists that probation periods should also be based on contracts, payment and clear criteria. In order to exclude the employer’s arbitrary or discriminatory treatment.

The only free job that a journalist can do is practice during their studies. But even in the case of volunteer work, a contract is necessary.

“A demanding employee is more respected,” the lawyer was certain.

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Gegham Vardanyan

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