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In The Library: Tigran Hakobyan

Gegham Vardanyan

Physicist by education, journalist by occupation

The elections of the chairman of Public Television and Radio Company will be organized differently. Previously, this position was appointed by the president of Armenia, whereas now, the person will be elected by the council.

Tigran Hakobyan, Chairman of the RA National Television and Radio Commission, thinks that the formation of public order has been very complicated, because it is necessary to step out of the role of mass media and to stop going after TV ratings.

“Television should even fulfill the functions that the public does not like,” he said.

Tigran Hakobyan is convinced that video production is not the property of Public Television alone, but everyone and that it should not remain in the storage room of one channel, rather be free for use, spread across digital libraries, regional channels and other platforms.

“The National Television and Radio Commission is a constitutional body that regulates not only ground-based broadcasters, but also ensures that they are diverse, independent and free. And for that, we need quality content,” he said.  

He considers the support from regional governorates and village councils to be a condition for the development of regional television stations. Not only to help with money, but also to raise regional issues by locating and specifying them.

We did not manage to discuss the topic of regional TV companies with analog broadcasting. We will discuss this in our future publications regarding legislative solutions for digital broadcasting stations.

In the drawer

Information always requires storage. And given the fact that the one tasked with storing information is constantly evolving, there is a need to continually upgrade and adapt to the times. Public Radio of Armenia has already digitized and made it rich and diverse archive available to everyone. We can listen to recordings, songs, sounds, operas, fairy-tales and more… which is our audio legacy for the newly created warehouse.

Gegham Vardanyan

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