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In The Library: Vasak Darbinyan

Gegham Vardanyan

Physicist by education, journalist by occupation

After the revolution, the audience is responding to the news fiercely and emotionally, sometimes with swearing, which of course makes the media more sensitive.

Journalist Vasak Darbinyan is convinced that being upset with the audience’s behavior is not the right stance to take, especially when everyone is the media and can write whatever they want on social media.

“The reactions are not directed by the authorities, but are spontaneous and are a testament about the quality of society,” he says.  

The Prime Minister said, that now the media field is more free than ever before. Vasak Darbinyan understands these words to be those given from the perspective of a journalist and not as the Prime Minister.

“The press is actually free, I don’t think that anyone is being suppressed.”

But freedom is relative and multi-layered. It can turn into desertion, and sometimes even angry swears.

“There ought to be a limit to tolerating insults, if the commenter passes it, their post becomes a vulgar and indecent accusation, and so the comment may be deleted,” he says.

In the drawer

How can you create a website filled with completely made up  text and make money by playing with people’s emotions? In the game Fake it to make it, you can choose the name of th website, the domain, the design, then copy fake articles, create fake profiles on social networks, share fake articles on them and make money.

The game shows inside the fake news industry and helps teach people not to immediately believe in everything they see in social media.

Gegham Vardanyan

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