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In the Library: Tatev Khachatryan

Gegham Vardanyan

Physicist by education, journalist by occupation

In the new section of the new library of media.am you can find interesting and important topics, the journalists who built these topics and everything which is born from media and turns into media.  

Hetq journalist, Tatev Khachatryan, is in the Media Initiatives Center library.

Tatev’s articles are usually about the quality of food (dairy, chicken, ice cream, bread, children’s drinking water etc.), and are mainly based on the results of laboratory examinations.

Any of Hetq’s similar publications becomes a cause for a series of discussions in social media. The article affects consumers’ decisions, forcing producers to improve the quality of their products, and helps government agencies and non-governmental organizations which oversee the quality of food.

In the library, Tatev Khachatryan tells us about the interesting and complicated work.

In the library drawer

The library, be it real or virtual, has drawers. We fill them with books, journalistic tools, films and websites.

Today we bookmark Jonathan Franzen’s novel, Purity. It is still not available in Armenian, but it is available in English and Russian.

The American classical writer Franzen wrote Purity in 2015. This novel is about life, love, journalists, migration, modern America and socialist Germany, a dirty past, murder and suicide, as well as the connection between man and information.

In the novel there is the character who is an editor and journalist and who resembles Wikileaks’ Julian Assange. The novel ought to interest journalists, and in general, it is captivating.

Gegham Vardanyan


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