The Press on ErAZ’s Wall

The Yerevan Automobile Plant ErAZ (the abbreviation comes from the Russian Yerevanskiy Avtomobilny Zavod) has been converted to a business center, but not only the resounding brand name ErAZ, but also the former factory’s stencils, which today are viewed as notable and delicate retro symbols, have been preserved.

Beginning in 1964, ErAZ produced its vans. The plant also contained within it several additional factories manufacturing spare parts, forklift trucks, and hydro equipment.

Extrusion (press) workshops were necessary in all cases. The word “press” itself (пресс in Russian) comes from here and became the symbol of an entire sector that deals with processing and providing information.

In the factory, materials are processed by pressing, changing their form and density, and mechanical and other properties; that is, they are extruded, or pressed. In newsrooms, stories are subjected to almost the same process: found is the processing method, the degree of pressure, the meaning of the change in the raw material, and ultimately, the purpose — to what the material that comes out of the extrusion workshop must serve.

And everyone working in the media sector today is trying to answer this question.

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