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The Practice Of Under The Table Payments Should Be Eliminated From The Media: Citizen’s Decision

Gagik Aghbalyan

Media.am has questioned all 11 candidates on the threshold of parliamentary snap elections to find out what the future of the media industry is and what they would do if they came to power.

Two questions were asked: each party or alliance decides as to who will answer our two questions.

Artak Kirakosyan, the second number of the Citizen’s Decision Social Democratic Party proportional list, answered our questions.

– Do you see the need to change the broadcasting legislation of Armenia? If yes, what would you do?

– Our main approach is that the independence of the press must be fully guaranteed, journalists should have full creative freedom. First of all, the sphere should practice self-governance and self-regulation.

Journalists should have the opportunity to participate in media management. This concerns  Public Television first of all. Our party considers the role of trade unions in all spheres important. If we talk about Public, then the regulatory body will also consider the opinion of the working journalists. This is also encouraged in private media outlets. Journalistic organizations and trade unions should have the opportunity to participate in management.

Social advertising should be funded by the state, the role of social advertising should be increased through legislative regulations.

– Do you believe that on the road towards fighting corruption, the funding of media outlets should be taken out of the shadows and information about the media owners should be published? Please indicate the steps that will contribute to making the media field transparent.

– Yes, we believe that media financing should be transparent. Some of the media survives thanks to hidden ads, ordered programs and publications. Many media outlets are working for their owners. We also consider the elimination of under the table payments from mass media as an important factor of transparency, which over time has grown t0 a great extent, and I think it is continuing to do so.

Here too we attach the greatest importance to journalistic ethics and self-regulatory mechanisms. The direct interference of the state in the media sphere is dangerous and disadvantageous.

Gagik Aghbalyan

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