The Crowned Viruses-2

Vahram Martirosyan

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Mankind is at war with the epidemic. Also in the field of media. It seems that the media should have helped people to protect themselves from the crowned virus, who … doesn’t have his own media, it’s just an infection. But war is raging in the media.

So, some media outlets are serving the infection, they have become voluntary “crowned viruses.” This is the media under the control of the former government, as the materials quoted in the first part of my article showed.

Here is another example from the “Agenda” program of “ArmNews” TV. The guest, Davit Shahnazaryan, who was dead set against the pre-revolutionary government, but who participated in the December 2018 parliamentary elections as … No. 3 of the Republican Party of Armenia, threatens Armenia with an “apocalypse.”

During the interview, one of his best thoughts is written on the screen for 6 minutes and 20 seconds (in the video: 15: 00-21: 20 minutes) that “Armenia will have more deaths from the virus than from the Spitak earthquake” (let me remind you that number 25,000).

About 20 days have passed since the interview. There is a significant deterioration in the situation, yes, but as of June 21, the number of infected people in the crown virus is still 20,268, and the number of deaths is 350. Do you understand? Armenia must quickly have 24,650 deaths in order to fulfill Mr. Shahnazaryan’s prediction.

According to the headlines of the press belonging to the Republican Party of Armenia and the Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP), we’re heading for another “apocalypse,” which 3 months later was appointed by the PAP leader Gagik Tsarukyan, “I am telling you today that 3 months from now there will be starvation.” Despite the fact that the government has over 20 programs aimed at alleviating the social difficulties of the citizens of the Republic of Armenia, which, by the way, he publicly refused to participate in.

I presented dozens of materials in the exhibition spaces of the MNC “Lratun” project “Without censorship: The fateful 8 media dramas- 1988, 1998, 2008, 2018,” on how the “classic” but somewhat tired, war vocabulary from Soviet politics to the economic propaganda of the USSR Secretary General Leonid Brezhnev during the “reconstruction” of Mikhail Gorbachev’s reign, who chose the intermediate state of “publicity” on the way from censorship to free speech in 1978, in 1988, and finally, under the guise of false rhetoric, “war or democracy” Revival in the Republic of Armenia after the 1998 coup.

And do the “crowned viruses” have anything else in common?

In the first part of the series, I compared the suffocation of the crown virus’s symptoms to conspiracy theories. Let me add one more. “Iravunk” conducted an interview with Alexander Amaryan, known for his fierce struggle against “sects,” entitled “What caused the death of the chief virologist of Armenia? Nobody was interested.”

“Referring to the virus that has covered the world,” Amaryan announces the reason. “The United States is cleansing its nation of the elderly.”

The journalist is not inferior to the guest with his conspiracy. “I want to know if the coronavirus is a natural disaster or a biological weapon.” Amaryan answers. “I can’t say the source” … and later he doesn’t add anything that would require a source. He did not say what he thought of the chief infectious disease specialist in Armenia. “I won’t say anything…”

This interview from “Iravunk” (as he translated an article from Russian: “George Soros is supposed to have commissioned the development of the coronavirus”) was taken by the website called “Network Research Institute”, then the “Noravank” Foundation took it to its website.

The director of both is Armenian figure Gagik Harutyunyan. Even Tigran Sargsyan provided his analysis to Noravank, the former ruling Republican Party’s ideological center when he was still chairman of the Central Bank, and as prime minister (2008-2014) posted the article with the same title on the government’s website.

Conspiracy is the seventh characteristic of 14 great Italian writers, the philosopher Umberto Eco’s essay “Eternal Fascism” (published in 1995 in New York), with which analysts often try to measure different political systems.

The republishing of Iravunk’s conspiracy theories in Armenian think tanks prompted me to look for other parallels.

In retrospect

“Armenia returned to civilization after gaining independence, when private property and other basic democratic institutions were introduced,” Tigran Sargsyan wrote in an article entitled “Armenian Civilization as a Breakthrough Project” posted in Noravank (p. 20).

He considers that Armenia should become a member of the EU, but has a reservation. “Armenia’s aspiration to become a member of the European Union should be considered a tactical issue, realizing the danger of losing its ability to self-determination in the strategic perspective. Not realizing such a danger, following the communist denial, can give rise to a new disease, a consumerist attitude to life, a denial of the psyche.”

In his opinion, “the solution to the problem of civilized self-determination for Armenians should be the rethinking of the past by the elite, which should give us an opportunity to reveal the uniqueness of our identity.”

The fact that Tigran Sargsyan called only private property as democratic institutions, but gives a special role to the elite, the elite, which is the 10th point of the list of “Eternal Fascism.” “Elitism is the hallmark of all backward ideologies,” Eco said.

And I would compare elitism with headache symptoms, because the fascism of Armenians, like the deification of the great national figure Nzhdeh, seems to me like a manipulation, a popular pleasure.

Let me clarify with examples. When Armenia came under pressure from Russian President Vladimir Putin not to be part of the European Union in 2013 but in the EEU, Tigran Sargsyan not only did not resign as Prime Minister but is now the highest-ranking official in the Eurasian Economic Union.

The most sincere of his famous party members … or the cynic, Galust Sahakyan, the leader of the NA RPA faction in 2012 and the NA Speaker elected in 2014, forgetting about the spiritual side of the RPA vision, announced to the journalists on March 6, 2018. “Our people are not in opposition. They want to have a lot of goods in their fridge so that their family can live well.”

Vahram Martirosyan
To be continued

The previous part of this article series.

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