An Old Photo From Yerevan Protests

It has begun. Another information war has begun.

This time the battlefield is the protest movement initiated by Nikol Pashinyan.

This time at the expense other’s efforts, none other than Konstantin Borovoi has “burst,” with the role of winning dividends. I did not expect this level of “inexperience” from such an experienced politician, the leader of the Western Choice party.

On his personal page, Borovoi posted a photo, with a description which said that “the protests in Armenia are moving in the right direction.”

Out of all of the unlimited number of photos published by our photojournalists, for some reason, he chose to post a photo which was already published in the month of January in connection with an interview of Sergey Markovich. By the way, the publisher was from Azerbaijani media.

That photo was published in September 2017, and apparently was taken during a demonstration against arms sales to Azerbaijan. The role of the seller was played by our ally, Russia.

What can you say? Such mistakes, if, of course, it was a mistake, are inexcusable in the case of a public figure of that level. And if it was not a mistake, then we will never hear Mr. Borovoi’s apologies.

Over the past five days, photojournalists have worked to a sweat. There is no shortage of photos.

Such a publication should be treated with extreme caution.

Yerevan is experiencing fairly warm weather. People are dressed lightly. If you see protesters wearing winter clothing, rest assured that you are faced with a fake.

Gegham Avagyan

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