MOST: testimony Writing Laboratory – call for young authors

MOST: testimony documentary festival meant to reflect on the narratives surrounding military conflicts in the post-Soviet space and highlight parallels between people’s experiences of current wars.

Festival can be considered an experiment exploring the relationship between the author and the audience. To us, these relations can be seen as a dialogue between two equal actors involved in a process of co-creation. 

We invite 5 young and experienced authors to participate in MOST:testimony writing workshop. We offer them to engage in several discussions and debates within the workshop, and leave their testimony about texts presented at the festival. The results of their work will be collected in a virtual zine made by MOST.

The workshop includes offline seminars, film screenings, special assignments and closed discussions with our curators. 

All of the workshop events will happen during the festival: June, 18 – 25.

The writing laboratory will be curated by Hrach Bayadyan (cultural critic and journalist), Natalya Guzevataya (anthropologist, co-founder of the ‘Samizdat’ festival) and Maria Utekhina (anthropologist, curator).

The main language of the workshop, as well as of the festival, is English. Although the final text can be submitted in Armenian, English or Russian. 

The open-call will last till June, 15. (form that should be filled by participants). We will publish the list of participants the next day.

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