In The Library: Vahan Hunanyan

01.11.2018, In The Library

Physicist by education, journalist by occupation. Works for Media Initiatives Center.

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, Tigran Avinyan, is in the limelight of the media. The company he founded is suspected of having a place in the corruption chain.

According to Tigran Avinyan’s press secretary, Vahan Hunanyan’s opinion, the facts included in Hetq’s Investigation were selective, which as a result, leaves the impression among the reader that there is a dark history.

“The topic was flourished and exploited in the media,” he said.  

According to Vahan Hunanyan, it is necessary to distinguish really professional journalistic work and the “perversions” which occur in the media field.

For example, the formula for referencing incomprehensible reliable sources. “Often that source is singular and imaginary,” says Vahan Hunanyan.

He confirmed that idea, that Tigran Avinyan would file suit against another website,, which published “scandalous and slanderous material” about smoking marijuana at the workplace.

The sensitive response of the new government also allows them to speak for the fact that the new government tries to be as transparent as it can.

“We are trying to do things in a way that makes the work of the journalistic field and government’s press service run as smoothly as possible,” assures Vahan Hunanyan.

In the drawer

One of the ways to file complaints against journalists and media outlets without taking them to court is to appeal to the media ethics observatory body. It operates on the basis of the Common Code of Journalistic Ethics.

The observer body examines the compliance of media complaints with the requirements of the Charter, provides expert opinions and accepts journalistic guidelines.

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