Journalists working in the Days of Coronavirus: Photo Stories, Part 2

Gayane Asryan


In the state of emergency in Armenia, restrictions were imposed, limiting people’s free movement. Today, you can come across police officers in the streets, a few people going for a walk or shopping, as well as very few reporters and photographers.

Their work is vital for people in a lockdown that need to understand what is happening in the stores, the streets, the restaurants, the transport and other places.

Their work has no time limits – they walk around the city with their press cards, capturing the fascinating, impressive and touching moments.

The only exceptions are the medical and isolation facilities where reporters cannot enter, see everything with their own eyes and tell stories.

The media organizations work within their capacities, as much as they can in these conditions. The main thing is not to endanger the health of their employees and organize the work from home.

Media.am has been regularly asking media colleagues to provide photos showing the new working conditions in the state of emergency. Follow this link to see the first series of photo stories.

You can also be a part of our next series if you send a photo to [email protected].

Narek Alexanyan, photographer, Hetq

He goes out every day, taking photos and trying to keep the social distance, “But sometimes some other characters come across, like in Super Mario game, and you have to run away from them, so that they don’t touch you. Sometimes people look at me funny in the streets when I stay away from them.”

Anush Mkrtchyan, reporter, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Gevorg Tosunyan, reporter, Public TV

Anahit Minasyan, reporter, Urbanista

Lilian Galstyan, photographer, Panorama.am

Lilian does not attend any events in the state of emergency. Sometimes she walks around the city, making photo stories about the peaceful life of the half-empty city.

Robert Zargaryan, reporter, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Nana Martirosyan, reporter, Sputnik Armenia

Lilit Tandilyan, Vanuhi Avagyan, Davit Aghabekyan, news presenters, Yerkir Media

News presenters cannot work from home. Newsrooms have been strictly following the preventive measures.

Artur Ghahramanyan, producer, Factor.TV

He is smiling because he has been relieved of his heavy duties of calling the studio guests. On such days he is one of the video editors.

Christine Ter-Matevosyan, reporter Ecolur

Working moms are looking forward to getting back to normal work 🙂

Artak Gevorgyan, camera operator, Hermine Baghdasaryan, reporter, Public TV

Artur Devrikyan, television director, head of Factor.TV technical department

Artur’s self-isolation cannot be without extremities. No interesting international live broadcasts can escape his attention.

Sona Harutyunyan, Siranuysh Papyan, Taguhi Hakobyan, Christina Aghalaryan, Vov Musheghyan, reporters; Artak Yeghiazaryan, producer; Gohar Hayrapetyan, Zhirayr Voskanyan, anchors, 1in.am

1in.am employees work from newsrooms. Everybody is in a good mood, maintaining the “daily dose of humor.”

                                                                                                                                                Gayane Asryan

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