Kocharian Family vs. Jamanak Court Case Postponed

The next session of the case of Bella and Sedrak Kocharian vs. local daily Jamanak, taking place at the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash Administrative Districts in Yerevan, was postponed today due to the plaintiff not appearing in court.

Recall, in three stories published in Sept. and Oct. 2010, the paper had reported that Bella Kocharian is involved in the business of pharmaceuticals, the “911” pharmacy chain belongs to the Kocharian family, and it is they who are sponsoring the companies Komstar, Likvor and Pharmatex operating in the pharmaceutical industry.

Furthermore, the paper alleged that the Kocharian family owns diamond mines in Namibia and recently, Sedrak Kocharian acquired a similar mine in India. Jamanak also reported that the man behind the cargo transport company Spayka was none other than Sedrak Kocharian himself.



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